EPA’s App makes it easy for people to report environmental pollution

If you ‘See It?’ – then ‘Say It!’, says EPA

  • ‘See It? Say It!’ App now available for Android phones as well as iPhones.
  • The App now links to the FixYourStreet website, that is monitored by all local authorities.

The Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly T.D. today launched the Android version of the successful Environmental Protection Agency See it? Say it! App.  The App has been developed to help people report any environmental pollution they see, via their phones.

Launching the App, Minister Kelly said,
“This app makes it easier to point out environmental pollution such as dumping of litter, among other things, and offers a quick solution to address these issues. It empowers people to take pride in their environment and to report these matters to local authorities. It is an excellent innovation and to be welcomed.”

The EPA launched an iPhone version of the App in 2013. Using the App a member of the public can take a photograph of the pollution incident, add a quick description and their contact details and send the message with automatic GPS location coordinates for follow up by the relevant authority.

Laura Burke, EPA Director General, said,
“We all have a role to play in protecting and improving our environment.
The ‘See It? Say It!’ App is a way for people to easily report environmental pollution incidents. Feedback from the thousands of people who already have a ‘See It? Say It!’ App on their phone has been really positive and we hope all smartphone users will download it and use the App’s simple reporting methods to help protect their local areas.”

The App complements the existing 24-hour nationwide environmental complaints phoneline on 1850 365 121.  People now have the option of reporting issues such as backyard burning, flytipping, water pollution, odours and littering using the App or by phoning the complaints line.  All calls to the environmental complaints phoneline are answered by dedicated staff who pass the reported information to the relevant body for follow up, be it by a local authority, An Garda Síochána or the EPA.

Brendan McGrath, Chair of the County and City Managers’ Association’s Environment Committee, said,
“Local authorities welcome the further development of the ‘See It? Say It!’ mobile App.  It will greatly assist our Environment Enforcement Officers to rapidly respond to reported environmental complaints. The link to FixYourStreet.ie, which local authorities are already successfully using, will result in further efficiencies within the system.

Local authorities urge members of the public to make use of the new App and to continue using the National Environmental Complaints Line.  Their help is critical in assisting local authorities to tackle inappropriate and illegal activities that recklessly endanger public wellbeing and the environment”.

To download the App: Download the App now from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store by searching for: ‘See it Say it’.  Alternatively, find and download the App by visiting http://goo.gl/gOJMa (link to iPhone App) or http://goo.gl/V7eNYe    (link to Android App) or scan the QR code available here.

To use the App: If you spot environmental pollution or dumping, simply:

  1. open the App,
  2. take a photograph,
  3. add a few simple details including a contact number and
  4. submit the complaint.

When you make a submission it will be directed to the relevant local authority for a response. You will see your submission on the FixYourStreet.ie website. The local authority may wish to contact you for further details but commonly they will have enough to proceed with. It is always important to remember that if you have any information that could help the local authority in finding the culprit you should submit that as well. This might include a car registration number.

The FixYourStreet website is used by all local authorities for tracking many issues – including environmental matters. You should see a response to your submission there within a short time.

To find out more about making an environmental complaint visit the EPA website at:http://www.epa.ie/whatwedo/enforce/report/.


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