Live register figures for unemployment in Co Tipperary for November

From Seamus Healy TD
Live register figures for unemployment for November have been issued by the Central Statistics Office(CSO) today. The figures for Co Tipperary, both north and south,  remain stuubornly high. The tiny reduction is very dissappointing.
The figures are: Thurles, 2781; Clonmel, 2774,  Nenagh 2719;Tipp Town 1560; Roscrea, 1305;Carrick-on-Suir, 1763;Cashel, 1106;Cahir, 1201
The total for the county as a whole is 15,209. This is a reduction of a mere 202 on last months figures. The figure is so small that it could be a mere fluctuation as people change jobs and/or the result of emigration.
Government austerity policies are preventing the growth of jobs with the government now admitting that there will be virtually no growth in the economy in 2013.
In addition to attracting foreign investment, the government must now directly invest in new high tech industry, as the Finnish government did in the case of NOKIA the mobile phone company, and cuts in public services must be stopped. These measures are needed to stimulate the economy and  expand employment. Special focus must be given to locations outside the big cities where job numbers are completely stagnant and retail businesses remain closed and there is danger of further closures.

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