Government Failure on Jobs Continues as CSO releases new Figures – Healy

In the 3 months from July to September the number at work declined by 5,800 and the proportion which is long-term unemployed increased once again. Over the year the number in full-time employment had declined by 16,300.  In the previous 3 months employment had declined by 8000.  But the government is trumpeting a small annual decrease by  of 3,600 in the number unemployed. This is completely misleading. The reduction is in fact due to a combination of emigration , people who have exhausted their benefit ceasing to “sign-on” and people returning to education.

The biggest fall in employment was in the 20-24 age group-the emigration generation.


To-day, the Central Statistics Office issued the results of its Quarterly National Household Survey . The Press release included the following statements:

  • ·         There was an annual decrease in employment of 0.2% or 4,300 in the year to the third quarter of 2012, bringing total employment to 1,841,300.
  • ·         Full-time employment fell by 16,300 over the year from 1,411,300 to 1,395,000 while part-time employment increased by 12,000 (+2.8%) on an annual basis from 434,300 to 446,300.
  • ·         On a seasonally adjusted basis, employment fell by 5,800 (-0.3%) in the quarter. This follows on from a seasonally adjusted decrease in employment of 8,000 (-0.4%) in Q2 2012.
  • ·         The long-term unemployment rate increased from 8.8% to 8.9% over the year to Q3 2012.  Long-term unemployment accounted for 59.5% of total unemployment in Q3 2012 compared with 58.4% a year earlier and 49.1% in the third quarter of 2010. (CSO QNHS Nov 29, 2012)
  • ·         The annual fall in employment was most heavily concentrated in the 20-24 (-10,700 or -7.6%) and 25-34 (-6,300 or -1.2%) age groups.


Contrary to the protestations of the government that job creation is at the core of its policy, it is clear that the overall effect of government policy is to destroy jobs. The Labour Party should hang its head in shame..

An emergency state job creation programme is now needed to end forced emigration and to reduce unemployment.

Seamus Healy TD

Workers and Unemployed action Group

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