2 out of 3 Tipperary Drivers Stressed by Rush Hour Traffic

Volkswagen Ireland survey reveals:


  • Rush hour traffic stressful for two thirds of Tipperary drivers
  • One fifth have run out of fuel
  • Make & model of car important for 51 per cent of Tipperary locals
  • Four fifths are car proud with a clean & tidy vehicle
  • 10 per cent have changed their clothes while driving



Driving in rush hour traffic is the most stressful driving activity according to three quarters (68 per cent) of Tipperary drivers. The survey by local Volkswagen dealer, Tom Harvey Motor Co. Ltd.., found that parallel parking was considered stressful by 15 per cent, overtaking by 5 per cent, negotiating roundabouts by a further 2 per cent and reversing by 8 per cent.


Some interesting manoeuvres were highlighted with 10 per cent admitting that they have changed their clothes while driving, while 2 per cent have touched up their makeup. On the subject of bad habits and distractions, the majority (90 per cent) of Tipperary drivers said they have consumed food or drink while driving, 75 per cent have talked on the phone and almost half (60 per cent) have sent a text message.


7 in 10 Tipperary locals claim they find people who do not use their indicators appropriately ‘annoying’. Almost two thirds (63 per cent) say they have little patience for slow drivers. Those who break a red light annoy one third (31 per cent).

The majority of Tipperary drivers are car proud with four fifths (80 per cent) saying their car is clean and tidy. 19 per cent admit to a very messy car!

When asked who they would call if their car breaks down, 33 per cent of women said they would contact their partner first with a further 33 per cent relying on their father for help. In contrast only 6 per cent of men would call their significant other, opting for the local mechanic (two fifths) or dealer (one third). 14 per cent would call the towing company immediately.


The Volkswagen Ireland survey also looked at the practical aspects of owning and maintaining a car. 4 in 5 claim to know what each warning light means and 78 per cent say that if a warning lights goes off, they deal with the problem immediately. Women are more likely to hope the problem will fix itself with 11 per cent ignoring the warning light and driving on to their destination. One fifth have run out of fuel, with 2 per cent saying it has happened on several occasions. Two in ten people surveyed have ignored strange sounds coming from the car engine!


The survey also revealed that nine out of ten respondents know how to change a tyre, however 22 per cent of women admit that they have never tried.  Over half of respondents (53 per cent) claim to check oil levels regularly. One in ten wait until a long journey and a further 9 per cent wait until the warning lights goes on. Two fifths (47 per cent) say they also check that there is sufficient water in the radiator/cooling system on a regular basis with 12 per cent waiting for the warning light to indicate that the water has run out.


Volkswagen Ireland asked the people of Tipperary how often a car should be serviced, and the majority (78 per cent) answered every 10,000km or so. 15 per cent opted for every 6 months to a year and 6 per cent for every two years or when something goes wrong. 42 per cent go back to their original dealer for a service because of the value and expertise offered.


Tom Harvey of Tom Harvey Motor Co. Ltd. commented: ‘We pride ourselves on offering great service and value for money to our customers. We use genuine Volkswagen parts and all servicing is carried out by qualified Volkswagen technicians so you can be assured that any work carried out is of the highest quality.’


42 per cent said they would be interested in a ‘quick’ check option at their local dealer. This was more popular for men with 63 per cent liking the idea.

Respondents were also asked what factors were most important to them when purchasing a new car. Price was the deciding factor for the majority (61 per cent) with make or model coming a close second at 51 per cent. Safety was the main issue for 26 per cent with image for 14 per cent. Men were revealed to be more loyal to a car brand (66 per cent) than women (44 per cent).

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