Last weeks Budget paved the way to destroy economies in Rural Ireland while raking in millions for Banksters and Bondholders

by Cllr Séamie Morris

The budget last week was a savage attack on the people of rural Ireland which will further erode our local economies while slavishly keeping on the road to paying back the gambling debts of Foreign Banksters and Bondholders who had long since given up on getting their money back.

Joan Burton’s savage attack on single parents would make Margaret Thatcher proud. The cuts to the elderly were equally savage as were the cuts to the disabled. Much was spoken about the reversal to the reduction of age of entitlement for disability allowance from 18 to 16 but the fact of the matter is that all Government ministers signed off that cut and thought it would slip through unnoticed. There were also savage cuts in education which will hit those with less ability to pay hardest.

It is of course a budget full of U turns which is being presented as a budget that has equality at the very core of it. Nothing could be further from the truth but the truth is a victim of the lavish amount of money paid for by you and I for the 16 extra spin doctors hired by Labour and Fine Gael to tell you that they have you in their mind while they slavishly follow the doctrine handed down to them by the Eurocrats that insist that illegal Bondholders should be looked after first while our economy teeters on the brink of destruction.

This Government has had no problem in finding an EXTRA €13 million for payoffs and pensions for their former colleagues and extra 3.8 million for Special ADVISORS some of whom have broken their own self-imposed payment cap The Gravy train rolls on for Government cronies while the rest of us face austerity to pay the bill. Democracy is being made a mockery of by these charlatans.

The increase in price in Petrol and increase in motor tax is an attack on those lucky enough to have a job in North Tipperary as 70% of people in North Tipperary need their cars to get to work. In fact our budget had to be presented to the German Parliament before it was presented to the Irish People. Labours way or Frankfurt’s way it is not Mr Gilmore!

Two new taxes were brought in by Mr Noonan in the shape of the Household charge of €100 and the €50 euro septic tank inspection charge. These are further attacks on Rural Ireland particularly the septic tank charge and both of them will be opposed by ordinary people who have enough at this stage. I will personally defend any person that can’t afford to pay these illegal taxes from state bullying. I will let the words of Mr Noonan after the 2010 budget sum up my views on the budget

“This was a puppet budget from a puppet Government who are doing what they are being told to do by the I.M.F/E.C.B. You cannot cut and tax your way out of a recession. You can only grow out of a recession” Indeed Mr Noonan it’s a pity you didn’t listen to your own words before donning the jack boots of your masters before using them to kick the people of Ireland.

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