Michael D as President Would Enhance Our International Reputation – Phil Prendergast

Michael D Higgins’s background in the arts, human rights and international affairs make him an ideal president for the country, Ireland South MEP Phil Prendergast has said

Congratulating Michael D on being selected as the Labour Party’s candidate in the presidential election, Ms Prendergast said: “One of the most important elements of the strategy to revive our economy is to rebuild Ireland’s international reputation.

“Michael D is Ireland’s leading political intellectual and his wealth of experience and erudition is perfectly suited to the task.

“All our representatives on the international stage need to promote Ireland’s track record in scholarship, the arts, entertainment and international relations – particularly human rights. Michael D’s credentials are impeccable.

“Our economic collapse and the reasons for it have done enormous damage to the way we are viewed internationally both in diplomatic and business circles. And public sentiment towards Ireland around the world has also taken a battering.

“The new government has set about redressing this at diplomatic level and over the coming months the push will be well and truly on to restore our reputation as a place to visit and do business.

“Our new president will have a crucial role in making this happen behind the scenes and in public view.

“I am positive that Michael D’s personal warmth and wit allied to his astonishing depth of knowledge mean he can charm the international community as much as he has charmed the Irish people.”

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