Economist Stephen Kinsella to speak at Nenagh Arts Centre

Respected University of Limerick economist Stephen Kinsella will speak at Nenagh Arts Centre next Wednesday 19th October. Invited by Nenagh’s Mayor Virginia O’Dowd, Kinsella will talk about the current economic situation in the country following the intervention by the IMF and offer some thoughts on how local enterprise can create economic growth in a regional […]

Economics for the People – Economists & Volunteers Join Forces to Debunk Econo-Babble Before You Vote

What is The People’s Economy? The Peoples’ Economy is an information hub, a resource for citizens and candidates to understand the current economic situation. Created by a core group of independent economists and dedicated volunteers, People’s Economy is about cutting through jargon, busting myths, and answering questions about the current economic crisis. Aim of the […]

Economics lecturer begins series of debates at Nenagh Arts Centre

Nenagh Arts Centre begins a series of debate and discussion with a visit from respected University of Limerick Economics lecturer Stephen Kinsella at 8 p.m. on next Wednesday, November 17th in the Town Hall in Banba Square, Nenagh. Entitled ‘Here’s to Future Days – The Midwest: Where Will The Jobs Come From?’; Dr. Kinsella will […]