Important information for Farmers considering Solar.

530 Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic’s (USSPV) or Commercial Solar Farms have sought connections onto the Irish Grid up to Jan 2017; the total MegaWatt (MW) size is 5,215 MW, covering approx 26,000 Acres. What should the Irish Farmer be looking out for when contemplating Solar? CAP subsidy or Basic Payment system (BPS). Any Agricultural land […]

Income Tax Relief Will Apply To Lands Used For Solar, Must Be Followed By Basic Payment Eligibility – IFA

IFA Renewables Project Team Chairman James Murphy has welcomed clarification that income tax exemptions will generally apply where farmland is leased out for the purpose of solar energy development.   James Murphy said, “The Department of Agriculture and Revenue has clarified that, in general, if land is leased to a solar company and it is […]

IFA seeks basic payment eligibility of lands used for solar

James Murphy, IFA South Leinster Chairman and Renewables Project Team Leader, has confirmed that discussions have commenced with the Department of Agriculture to progress the case that farmers who have solar projects on their land and also farm the land should be able to draw down the annual basic payment.   “Farmers right across the […]