Irish Travel Agents Association address issues securing refunds from Ryanair

The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) have stated that all ITAA member travel agents continue to have problems with accessing flight refunds from Ryanair, and that this issue continues to affect bricks and mortar travel agents and online travel agents alike. The ITAA are asking Ryanair to be honest and truthful with the public with regards […]

Irish Water Urges Customers To Confirm Outstanding Details

Irish Water is to send out over 100,000 emails to customers who have already registered for Irish Water’s Online Account Management and 30,000 texts to customers to ensure that the process of refunding domestic water charges is as efficient as possible.   The refunds process is progressing well and it is expected that 90% of […]

Refunds Page On Irish Water Website Launched

Irish Water has launched a dedicated refunds website page as the government legislation necessary to enable the refunding of household water charges progresses through the Oireachtas. Radio advertisements are also beginning this week across local and national stations advising customers to contact Irish Water on 1850 448 448 if their address has changed and they have […]