Plastic crisis: taxes are vital to cut pollution, but EU plans fall short, new study finds

Taxing plastics can help lead to a responsible use of the material by triggering the necessary reduction of both production and consumption, a new report finds. However, a plastic tax will only work if designed to influence producer and consumer behaviour, rather than raising revenue. The study “The price is right … or is it? The […]

New 2030 Targets To Reduce Plastic Pollution Agreed – Mairead McGuinness MEP

“Moments to make, minutes to consume and a lifetime to breakdown European Citizens are concerned about the build-up of waste – plastic, metal and cardboard on our beaches, in our fields, streams and backyards”, said Mairead McGuinness MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament today, after a vote in the European Parliament on the new […]

Argos reveals travel cup sales surge by 537 per cent as Ireland goes green

Sales of reusable coffee cups leapt five-fold last month according to leading Irish retailer Argos. The number of travel cups sold in December rose by 537 per cent year-on-year – influenced by consumers looking to reduce their waste consumption and avoid the proposed levy on disposable coffee cups currently being researched by the Irish government. […]