An Obstacle Confusion – Book of Barneyisms – by Jim McCann & Wendy Shea

An Obstacle Confusion.  By Mattie Lennon. BARNEY;  When is the baby due? PREGNANT WOMAN; December. BARNEY;  This December?     “Formalism, by being an ‘ism,’ kills form by hugging it to death”, so said Peter Viereck but there are “isms”   worth saving.  Formalism is defined as, ”the practice or the doctrine of strict adherence to […]

Voices from the past – The Spoken Word; Irish Poets and Writers

By Mattie Lennon “The voice of the dead was a living voice to me.” (Tennyson.)   When listening to The Lake Isle of Innisfree or reading The Great Hunger have you ever wondered what the authors’ voices sounded like? Wonder no more. The British Library has brought out a 3CD set, The Spoken Word; Irish Poets and Writers. It consists of 24 recordings; […]

SPORT OR . . .

By Mattie Lennon. “ Money spent on sport . . . it’s better than putting it into hospitals, into Consultants, into Doctors . . .”  (Michael Ring, on Liveline 13th August.) Thank God I’m not in his constituency. Now that the Olympics are  over I’m wondering, is sport all that necessary? Great thinkers, writers and […]