Snow White delivers Apple Tax petition with 10, 000+ signatories

An open letter, signed by over 10,000 people, was delivered this morning at 10am to the Irish government at Leinster House before the Cabinet met to decide on whether to appeal the Apple Tax ruling by the European commission. Open letter: The letter was delivered by a member of the Uplift campaigning organisation dressed as Snow White. Snow […]

The €13 billion question has been asked says Harkin

The decision by the EU Commission that Apple should repay €13bn to the Irish exchequer has profound implications for Ireland, for the EU, for foreign direct investment into the EU and, in that context, for Brexit. “Should we take the money and run or go to the Court of Justice for a final decision, those […]

Carthy: ‘We want our money back’

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has demanded the Irish government immediately act to recover the €13 billion plus interest owed to the state by Apple. Carthy said: “Following today’s ruling by the Commission, the facts are indisputable. The sweetheart deals provided to Apple by Irish Revenue in 1991 and 2007 provided an unfair selective advantage […]

IDA Statement On Eu Commission Ruling that Apple owes Ireland €13 billion in unpaid taxes

IDA Ireland (Ireland’s Investment Promotion Agency) notes today’s decision by the EU Competition Commissioner. IDA Ireland Chief Executive Martin Shanahan said “Ireland’s position has not changed – we do not do tax deals, and it’s simply untrue and a gross mischaracterisation of our taxation regime to say otherwise.” The Irish Government has again reiterated that […]