10 Tips For Driving in Snow and Ice- from Roscrea Race Driver Nicole Drought

1. If you know there is bad weather coming, check your tyre conditions and make sure the pressures are correct- most tyre centres will do this free of charge. Also ensure you have enough windscreen washer fluid and have an additive too to stop it freezing. 2. Unless you need to drive- don’t. This might […]

Ten tips for driving in snow and icy conditions from Carzone

This week, temperatures are predicted to drop across the country with snow and ice forecasted in the coming days. Motorists will be encouraged to drive with caution as these weather conditions can be unsettling, dangerous, and hazardous. Preparation, patience, and practicality are key when it comes to driving in snow, frost, ice, and other winter […]

De-Icing Salt for sale in Tipperary

Update 21st Dec. -SOLD OUT – SOLD OUT – SOLD OUT We’ve just got word that Boomerang Recycling are currently Sold Out of De-Icing Salt, please don’t call. 7th Dec – We just got word that Boomerang Recycling Ltd. have de-icing salt for sale.  So if you need some for your frozen over driveway, icy […]