Cost Pressures Continue to Impact on Farm Incomes

IFA President Francie Gorman said today’s CSO figures for agriculture in 2023 show that farmers are still caught in a ‘cost-price’ squeeze. “While input costs have reduced by 5.5%, the price paid to farmers has fallen further by 8.2% over the 12-month period, resulting in the terms of trade falling by 2.9% when compared to […]

Solar Opportunity has Potential for Agricultire and Farm Incomes, but Questions Must be Addressed

The Government must provide more certainty on solar energy so that its potential to assist in meeting emissions targets and in improving farm incomes can be realised, IFA President Joe Healy said today at an IFA seminar in Portlaoise.   Although up to 15,000 acres of farmland in Ireland are under some form of solar […]

TEAGASC Report Highlights Negative Impact of Bad Weather and Farm Scheme Cuts on Farm Incomes

Commenting on today’s publication of the Teagasc National Farm Income figures for 2012, IFA President John Bryan said that the main reasons for the drop of 15% in average farm income were the dreadful weather conditions, and the impact of continued cuts by Government to farm schemes. “The implications of this ongoing disastrous weather event […]

Ongoing Weather Problems Hit Farm Incomes by €100M – IFA

IFA President John Bryan said the very poor weather conditions across the country have had a major impact on farm incomes. He said large numbers of stock have been re-housed and feed bills are up significantly, while output is down. “Across all sectors – dairy, beef, tillage and sheep – the impact on farm incomes […]