Just 82 dog fouling fines handed out in 2022 as blind or vision impaired community calls on dog owners to clean up and Clear Our Paths

Data gathered by NCBI as part of our Clear Our Paths campaign shows that just 82 dog fouling fines were handed out by local councils over the course of 2022. Information, provided by the local councils at the request of NCBI, showed that 18 councils from around the country handed out zero dog fouling fines […]

IFA appeals to dog owners to keep their pets under control

Following a horrific dog attack on sheep in County Carlow, IFA National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey has warned dog owners to keep their pets under control at all times as marauding dogs can inflict horrendous damage on a sheep flock.   He said up to 30 sheep were savagely killed in a very bad attack […]

Countdown For Dog Owners And Breeders To Microchip Their Dogs

Dog owners and breeders in the Republic of Ireland have until 31st March 2016 – to comply with new laws which make it compulsory to have all dogs microchipped and registered with a Government-approved database such as www.fido.ie .  As part of the new legislation dog owners must also have a Certificate from the database […]

New IFA campaign for lambing season highlights responsibilities of dog owners

“Do you know where your dog is?” This is the direct question IFA National Sheep Chairman James Murphy has raised as part of a new public awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the responsibility of dog owners and the vulnerability of sheep flocks to dog attacks at this time of year. To coincide with the beginning […]