Cybersmarties – Ireland Fastest Growing Safe Social Network for Kids – Winner of the SFA Best Emerging New Business 2017 is the First Safe Social Network for Kids in Ireland. With over 10,000 kids currently using CyberSmarties and .001% instances of Cyber-bullying, CyberSmarties is changing how kids will use social media in the future through its behavioural technology and SMART Content Filters combined […]

CyberSmarties – Safe Educational Social Network For Primary Schools is the First Safe Educational Social Network designed specifically for Primary School Kids. With specialists in anti cyber-bullying technology and behavioral analysis, uses in-built security software to allow kids to use social media in a controlled and safe environment without the fear of harassment or cyberbullying. This educates and empowers them to protect their own wellbeing, promoting self-awareness and awareness of others. This is the […]

Cyber-bullying -an EU-wide problem requiring an EU-wide solution

Labour MEP for Ireland South, and former nurse and midwife, Phil Prendergast usedcelebrations for European Safer Internet Day (Tuesday, February 5th 2013) to call for a coordinated EU Programme to tackle cyber bulling and an increase in funding for the European Union’s Safer Internet Programme, which currently receives €55 million from 2008-2013.   Speaking from Strasbourg, Ms. […]