Construction Industry Federation launches Construction Safety Week in Tipperary and calls for a renewed focus on ‘nuts and bolts’ construction safety post-Covid

The Construction Industry Federation launched Construction Safety Week today (Monday 17th October 2022) and is urging Tipperary-based companies to refocus on traditional, ‘nuts and bolts’ safety procedures, with Covid measures now firmly established. Some 794 injuries were reported across construction last year, an increase of 4.3% on 2020, according to the latest Health and Safety Authority […]

Industry Warned Of Long Term Damage By Hazardous Substances On Construction Site

The Construction Safety Week 2018 campaign focused on the health issues associated with working with hazardous substances. Dermot Carey, Director Safety and Training, Construction Industry Federation (CIF) said: “This focus on working with hazardous substances, is in line with our realisation that we need to be conscious of health as well as safety. Generally, substances […]

Construction Industry Highlights Dangers of Working Close To Utilities

The construction industry highlighted the dangers of working close to utilities such as water, electricity and gas during Construction Safety Week. Dermot Carey, Director Safety and Training, with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) said: “Today we focus on the danger posed by working close to utilities – watermains, electricity and gas. Three of our sponsors […]