Tipperary Teen Honoured for Fundraising Achievements

Winners of the Special Achievement Awards

A group of courageous and admirable young people have been honoured at the seventh annual Clare Garda Divisional Youth awards. The award ceremony sponsored by Shannon Airport celebrates the achievements of young people between 16 and 21. This year’s winners were recognised for their efforts in a variety of voluntary work, providing first aid in emergency situations, organising large fundraising events, highlighting the signs of cancer in young people through their own journeys, helping in local schools and sports clubs and raising awareness about the harm caused by substance abuse in communities and families.  

Among the winners was 19-year-old Aaron Hunt from Ballina Tipperary who was awarded for his efforts in organising a Tractor Run in aid of Embrace Farm. This tractor run was originally being organised by another young person in the community but when they tragically lost their life Aaron took it upon himself to organise the event in their place. Aaron planned this event, promoted it, arranged permits, road closures and encouraged people in his local community to attend and participate in the Tractor Run. Since this initial event in 2021 he has organised 3 further events and has raised a total of €25,000.  

Congratulating the winners, Mary Considine, CEO of Shannon Airport Group said:  

This is our seventh year sponsoring the awards and The Shannon Airport Group is so proud to support this wonderful initiative. The Clare Garda Youth Awards provide a platform to acknowledge some of our most inspirational young leaders, many of whom have triumphed in the face of personal adversity.  

These heroic young people are making a real difference in their communities, and it is important that their contribution is celebrated to serve as an inspiration for others to follow.” 

Speaking about the importance of recognising the achievements of these young people, Aileen Magner, Chief Superintendent added 

“The awards ceremony opens our eyes to the challenges that young people face, whether that adversity presents as an illness, injury or a social situation.  

Our two groups have identified challenges within their own young communities and came together to support future students and to create a positive and safe space within both a social media and a social setting. When I look at our individual award recipients, I am overwhelmed with the strength displayed by each of them. Their positive outlook is inspirational.  

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