Tirlán Announcement a Wake-up Call for the Government

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IFA President Francie Gorman has called the Tirlán cost reduction programme announcement very concerning. He criticised Government policies that are focusing on restricting agricultural production rather than promoting sustainable growth. According to Mr. Gorman the Tirlán programme is a direct result of Government and EU policies.  

In his statement regarding the programme he said: 

The tightening of the existing Nitrates derogation, together with increased regulation and cuts to supports, are making life more and more difficult for the dairy and tillage farmers that supply Tirlán,” 

He said the “announcement must be a wake-up call for the Government to focus on the economic well-being of the sector.” 

“They oversaw a cut to the derogation limit without any proper assessment of the economic or indeed the environmental consequences. There must an immediate focus on the sector to see how we can grow it sustainably to protect farmers livelihoods and jobs in the sector.” 

“This morning’s announcement will be concerning for Tirlàn staff and their families. Morale is also very low amongst farmers. There is so much policy uncertainty that farmers cannot make plans. This must be addressed.” 

“I would emphasise the need for Tirlán to pay a strong milk and grain price to farmers and to ensure access to competitively-priced inputs. Farmers are hurting too and they cannot take any further cuts to their margins.” 



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