Clonmel buzzing for annual ‘Clonmel Show’

Clonmel Show 2024
This year’s Clonmel Show will be held on July 7th in the Showgrounds Clonmel (E91 EP20).With something for everyone, the show will feature various competitions including ones for poultry, cattle, horses and ponies, sheep, goats and pets. Crafts and Horticulture will also be centre stage with displays in baking, photography and art as well as floral displays.  

The floral displays will tie in perfectly with the theme for this year’s show: Clonmel Show Buzz. This theme aims to showcase Clonmel’s rich history of honey production and beekeeping as well as spreading awareness about the decline in Irish bee species. The show will provide ways that people can support the bee populations in their gardens by planting flowers that help pollinators and will promote local producers of honey by providing people with honey-based recipes.  

In addition to the livestock and horse shows there will be a range of food and drinks served and live music from Eagles tribute band ‘Life in The Fast Lane’. A Donkey Derby, tractor driving skills, pet farm and various other games and activities complete the lineup for the fun filled Clonmel Show 2024.  

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