Childline launch ‘Monster Spray’ campaign

Childline by ISPCC Logo

Childline has launched a campaign to highlight the difficulties faced by many Irish children during the Summer months. Summertime can be difficult for many Irish children when they have to leave their friends and teachers who are often the only ones, they can confide in. 

The Childline by ISPCC campaign titled ‘Monster Spray’ depicts an adolescent girl, Emily, framed by the backdrop of a sunny playground. She is pictured handing out bottles of ‘Monster Spray’ to other children passing by and demonstrating how to use it to protect them from the monsters they might encounter. It is then revealed that she is very familiar with the monsters as she ‘started calling Childline when she was nine’.  

Speaking about the ‘Monster Spray’ Ad Campaign James Phelan, Individual Giving Lead with ISPCC said:  

Emily’s story will resonate with far too many children. Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers at Childline hear from countless children and young people every day who reach out to us for help. They tell us about abuse and neglect and the devastation these have on their lives. No matter how brave they are, they can’t defeat monsters on their own – monsters who should be the most trusted people in their lives. “At Childline we rely heavily on public generosity to help us to be here for every child who needs us.  We depend on this generosity to keep us listening 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.” 

To view the ‘Monster Spray’ ad campaign click – here 

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