Deadline Extension for Hedgerows the Right Call – IFA

IFA Rural Development chair John Curran said the Dept decision to extend the deadline to plant hedgerows under ACRES until March 2025 is the right call.

He said farmers have faced a number of obstacles to carrying out the work, including the lack of native supplies and very poor weather conditions.

“It’s good to see some common sense applying to the situation. We had raised this with the Department and made a case for extending the deadline. Farmers who are part of ACRES and who identified this measure want to establish hedgerows that will bring benefits. That hasn’t been possible because of the conditions,” he said.

John Curran said IFA would continue to monitor farm schemes and bring forward practical suggestions to change regulations, if they are needed.

The new deadline applies to Tranche 1 of ACRES and covers the following:

  • Planting a New Hedgerow
  • Planting a Traditional Orchard
  • Planting Trees in Riparian Buffer Zones
  • Tree Belts for Ammonia Capture from Farmyards
  • Tree Planting

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