TAMS Momentum Must Continue – IFA

IFA Rural Development chair John Curran has welcomed an update from the Department of Agriculture that close on half of TAMS Tranche 1 applications have now been approved, with payment claims for ‘mobile’ investments and those within seven of the ten TAMS scheme now open.

Claims for investments within the Animal Welfare; Nutrient Management Scheme; the Young Farmer; and Women Capital Investment scheme will open in mid-February.

Speaking after a meeting with Department officials in Portlaoise, John Curran said it’s essential the Department drive on and devote whatever resources are needed to clear the backlog and get approvals out to farmers as quickly as possible, particularly as assessments move to fixed and more complex type investments.

“Much needed on-farm investment was held up in 2023. As the days get longer now, farmers will be keen to get the ball rolling again. They need to know where they stand,” he said.

John Curran also welcomed confirmation from the Department of 100% approval for all valid Tranche 2 applications, and that the ‘priority/emergency’ application procedure was available again for Tranche 2 applications.

“Obviously it’s not needed for everyone, but if there are farmers under pressure for approval for certain investments, whether a silage pit for the year ahead or whatever, they can contact their local Department office and put their case forward for priority assessment,” he said.

“The same is true of farmers who need more time to address individual Department queries. They need to engage and let the Department know. There is flexibility for extra time, but if you don’t engage, there is a risk your application will be rejected altogether,” he said.

Planning queries, poor quality drawings were among the main reasons for application queries / rejections.

The Department also confirmed that there were over 9,000 applications in Tranche 2, with Tranche 3 closing April 12th.

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