Emerald Park’s Delicious New Donuts Are Taking The Park By Storm

Emerald Park, Ireland’s only theme park and zoo, is thrilled to announce the highly successful launch of their mouth-watering new donut unit  Donut Delights. Since its launch just two weeks ago, the park has delighted visitors with nearly 20,000 of the tasty, hot and fresh mini donuts sold. The sweet smell of these treats alone is enough to draw crowds, making them an absolute must-purchase for all park-goers. Behold these tasty delights as the team prepare the fresh donuts right before you, an attraction in itself as they boast the hottest donuts around.

Emerald Park's Delicious New Donuts Are Taking The Park By Storm

Even amidst the wettest July on record in Ireland, the park sold nearly 40,000 ice cream cones, providing a refreshing treat for those seeking a sweet escape from the weather.


Plenty of people kicked off their mornings at the park with almost 70,000 hot beverages served this summer, giving early risers and those seeking a caffeine boost the perfect start to their day before embarking on a fun filled day. Plus the park have also introduced new iced coffee and boba tea to their concessionary map, with another brand new unit,  Boba Brew. Your one-stop-shop for a cool refreshment.


With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, Emerald Park stands as the go-to destination for friends and families seeking unforgettable experiences. There is plenty more to see at the park, including two brand new rides at the Junior Zone, Crazy Bus and Balloon Chase, as well as taking a whirl on Dino Dash and the famous Cú Chulainn! And don’t forget the delicious meals served at The Lodge, perfect for all the family.


For a memorable and flavour-packed adventure this bank holiday weekend, there is no better destination than Emerald Park. Experience the thrill of the rides, indulge in its delicious treats, and see for yourself what treasure awaits this summer.


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Junior zone ticket €35 (pre-book online)

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