AHB Sector Grew by 10% in One Year with Almost 5,000 New Social and Cost Rental Homes in 2022

Today, the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) launches its Housing Association Activity Report 2022. Ireland’s housing association sector provided 4,949 new social and cost rental homes in 2022, 44% of total social housing and 69% of total cost rental delivery.


Mr Donal McManus, ICSH Chief Executive stated: “2022 has been a year of turbulent market conditions, with interest rate changes, construction price inflation and capacity issues in the construction industry. Despite these obstacles, housing associations reached record delivery levels of almost 5,000 homes in 2022, significantly exceeding the sector’s pre-pandemic delivery in 2019 of 4,127. With almost 55,000 housing association/approved housing body (AHB) homes now in ownership and management, providing permanent homes for families, older people, disabled people and households experiencing homelessness, our sector has grown by 10% year-on-year. Alongside local authorities, our AHB members have ensured that more than one third of all new housing delivered in 2022 is social and affordable cost rental housing. It is important that this trend continues. With stability in the housing market, the AHB sector is forecast to grow at current rates to 90,000 permanent social rented homes in management by 2030 as well as increased cost rental homes for medium income households.”


Government’s recent announcement of a pause on development levies, a substantial subvention for private market cost rental delivery and an increase in the vacant homes refurbishment grant are recognition of the challenges ahead in order to reach Housing for All annual housing output targets. Social and (in particular) cost rental housing, will represent a much greater proportion of annual housing delivery over the coming years. 470 cost rental homes were delivered by AHBs in 2022. The current review of the cost rental equity loan scheme is ongoing, and we hope it will address the key challenges that remain around the viability of cost rental housing schemes, so that AHBs can remain at the forefront of delivery of this new tenure.


“Our member AHBs are working progressively in partnership with local authorities, building and sustaining communities across Ireland. Secure and affordable housing remains one of the cornerstones of a successful society and buoyant economy” Mr McManus added.


AHB Activity in 2022


  • 2022 marked the highest level of housing delivery in a year by housing associations (approved housing bodies)
  • AHBs delivered almost 5,000 new social and cost rental homes homes in 2022.
  • AHBs delivered 4,479 social homes in 2022, 44% of all social housing delivery.
  • 69% of cost rental housing in 2022 was delivered by AHBs, with 470 homes.
  • The AHB sector collectively owns and manages more than 55,000 homes.
  • 85% of AHB social housing delivery in 2022 were new build homes.
  • 710 homes for people with additional needs were provided by AHBs in 2022 (twice that of 2021).
  • 176 older person (age-friendly) homes were completed in 2022 (three times as many as 2021)
  • 81 AHB Mortgage to Rent (MTR) homes were completed in 2022.
  • Around 10% of housing association delivery included using vacant residential and commercial properties such as pubs, pubs and offices.



  • The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) is the national federation for non-profit housing associations representing more than 270 member organisations that manage more than 55,000 homes for families, older people, disabled people and households experiencing homelessness. ICSH members operate in every local authority area in the country and in over 600 communities across Ireland.


  • The Housing Association Activity Report 2022 will be available to download at www.icsh.ie


  • Overall Social Housing Output in 2022 (provided by both local authorities and housing associations/AHBs): 10,263, of which AHBs delivered 4,479 (44%). 684 cost rental homes were provided in 2022, of which AHBs delivered 470 (69%).


  CAS  CALF  Leasing  Part V  Total AHB output  Total Output AHB+LA  % AHB delivery
 Build 466 2674   689 3,829 7,433 51.5%
Acquisition 244 82     326  960 34% 
Leasing     321 3 324 1,870 17%
Totals 710  2,756  321 692 4,479 10,263  44%










Cost Rental (684 total)
Local Authority Delivered AHB Delivered LDA Delivered
50 470 164







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