ChangeX launch community fund of €60,000 in Tipperary on behalf of Greencoat Renewables

ChangeX, in partnership with Greencoat Renewables, has launched community funds totalling €225,000 across 9 locations in Ireland, supporting local community groups, schools, and organisations to build sustainable, thriving communities.


The new funding will support local groups living near Greencoat-owned wind farms to start or expand projects that create a positive social or environmental impact in their community.


Applicants can choose from 9 proven ideas that have already had a positive impact in other communities across Ireland, and internationally. Alternatively, local communities can apply for funding of up to €5,000 for their own project related to one of the following themes: health and wellbeing; sports and recreation; education; energy; sustainability and environment; culture and heritage.

The funding builds on the existing partnership between ChangeX and Greencoat Renewables. In 2021, the two organisations teamed up to launch community funds in 7 locations across Ireland, with total funding of €175,000. The 2021 funding has benefitted about 3,500 people in communities across the country.


As a major owner of renewable energy infrastructure, Greencoat Renewables Plc is fully committed to supporting and funding community initiatives to build a more sustainable and prosperous society. Extending their commitment beyond renewable energy assets, Greencoat Renewables strives to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of all its stakeholders and seeks to be a best-in-class partner for those living in close proximity to the wind farms they own.


“Greencoat’s commitment to a sustainable future extends beyond the renewable energy we generate. We’re delighted to extend our partnership with ChangeX to help us increase the impact and reach of our community funding,” said Greencoat’s Ben Brooks.


“With community leaders having access to the ChangeX platform, we want to help foster new ideas and projects that leave a positive impact in the communities in which we are located, and build on the amazing projects supported by the 2021 funding.”


To find out more and apply for funding see Applications must be submitted by November 11th 2022.



About ChangeX 


ChangeX is a community engagement platform designed to get funding and resources directly into the hands of everyday people to lead impactful projects in their neighbourhoods.


ChangeX was established in 2015. It works with social innovators to scale proven solutions to environmental, economic and social issues and partners with corporations and foundations to support communities with the necessary funding. Its funding partners include Microsoft, Accenture, the LEGO Foundation and Amazon Web Services, among others.


ChangeX is an international non-profit organisation, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with teams based across Europe and the Americas.




Terms & conditions:

  • The community funds are open to people living within a defined radius of wind farms owned by Greencoat Renewables.


  • Approx. €80,000 in total to support projects within 5km of Knockacummer Wind Farms in Meelin, Rockchapel and Taur in Cork
  • Approx. €22,000 to support projects within 10km of the Ballybane Wind Farm in Cork
  • Approx. €14,000 to support projects within 10km of the Beam Hill Wind Farm in Donegal
  • Approx. €12,000 to support projects within 10km of the Carrickallen Wind Farm in Cavan
  • Approx. €33,000 to support projects within 10km of the Glencarbry Wind Farm in Tipperary
  • Approx. €11,000 to support projects within 10km of the Cnoc Wind Farm in Tipperary
  • Approx. €17,000 to support projects within 10km of the Killhills Wind Farm in Tipperary
  • Approx. €8,000 to support projects within 10km of the Lisdowney Wind Farm in Kilkenny
  • Approx. €27,000 to support projects within 10km of the Glanaruddery Wind Farm in Kerry



  • Seed funding to start one of the 9 proven ideas on offer will be allocated to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • For those applying for funding for an existing community project, there will be a review process, and those applications that best fit the criteria will be awarded funding.


  • Applications must be submitted by November 11th 2022.

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