The Top Sectors Growing in Ireland

There are many areas in Ireland that are growing nowadays, and those who want to know more about how Irish markets are changing should keep a close eye on some of these areas. Here are some of the sectors in Ireland where we can expect some periods of growth across the next few years.

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Online Betting

The online sport betting industry has been growing around the world for some time now, and it is clear that this is a trend that is rapidly accelerating in Ireland. Some of this can be attributed to the explosive interest in areas like esports. With the esports industry growing at an exponential rate, it is unsurprising that we have seen sports betting keep up with it too. In addition to this, many sports betting sites are offering coverage of many sports and competitions around the world. People can keep up with the latest in local horse racing as easily as they can with the NBA or the Bundesliga.


The need for IT services is only going to grow as more and more businesses decide to digitise and move into an online environment. High profile companies are going to want to seek out skilled individuals to work in their departments and help keep everything running smoothly. However, there is also going to be a need for IT services on the lower end too, as small- and medium-sized businesses also need these services. They might not be able to invest in IT departments for their own companies, and so might need to outsource to third-party companies to keep costs low while getting the services they need.

Green Sector

Renewable energies have been growing for the past few years and Ireland has plenty of potential in this sector. Investing in the green sector could be a fantastic avenue for Ireland to investigate for long-term economic development. In particular, wind farms and water treatment hold a lot of potential and could vastly expand the job sector. In addition to creating many new specialist jobs, investing in green sectors will also support other areas of the business world. In addition to creating green energy that can be used across the country, it will create many new opportunities for various sectors.


Though there is an ongoing issue in the form of a lack of nurses, the overall healthcare system is predicted to continue to grow over the next few years. It is important to remember that this is actually a global shortage of nurses, but Ireland needs to make sure that it can offer a competitive yet stable working environment if this issue is to be solved. One area that is due to improve is that of the pharmaceutical sector. Private healthcare is also on the rise, and this will hopefully help the industry rise also.

Online Retail

More people than ever before are choosing to shop online. This is resulting in a massive growth in the online retail markets. It is now possible to buy more or less anything online, and there are many different opportunities available to individuals who want to create a business in this sector. From the retail giants expanding their online offerings to new and innovative companies, there is always something new emerging here.

These are just some of the sectors that are growing in Ireland. Some of them might have very measured growth while others might appear to explode overnight. However, they should create some very interesting opportunities for Irish business leaders. Those interested in how the markets might shift in the next few years should have a look at one of these sectors. 

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