Electric Cars in Ireland: Flaws & All

The automotive sector has been rapidly moving on its path to electrification. While there have been plenty of hybrid car models, they are being increasingly joined by several electric car alternatives. 


However, not everyone is still sure about these cars and people look at them with a lot of doubt and suspicion. Therefore, it would be a good idea to reflect upon their advantages and the possible downside to these technological marvels.


The Advantages of Using an Electric Car

1. Low Cost of Maintenance

Electric cars generally have mechanics that are way more simple than the usual combustion cars. This results in low maintenance costs. While a combustion engine requires a synchronized movement of thousands of its parts, the fewer elements present in an electric car results in low number of breakdowns.


In fact, the longevity of electric cars is a primary reason why they attract a much lower insurance premium. According to theaa auto Insurance, since combustion cars have highly complicated designs, they are more prone to damages. That’s why most insurance companies in Ireland levy a higher insurance premium rate on these cars.


2. Lower Cost per Kilometre

If you have a combustion car, you would already be aware of the massive hole that refueling your car burns in your pocket every time. While petrol and diesel already cost a fortune, they are further taxed too. 


Now, imagine having an electric car whose battery you would need to charge every once in a while. Wouldn’t that be more of a relief on your finances? While travelling a hundred kilometres on a diesel engine would cost you €5.80, an electric motor car would cost you only around €3.40. Now isn’t that simply great.


3. Zero Emissions

Since electric cars don’t release any emissions, they help in enhancing the overall quality of air in cities. This way, they perform as a highly environmental friendly alternative to diesel and petrol cars. In fact, studies show that the average emissions from electric cars are up to 70% less than that of petrol and diesel cars.


4. Battery Life

While battery life in electric cars has certainly been a problem, this problem is currently being looked at. There are high-end electric car models that can travel over 500 kilometres with a single charge. Other mid-range models offer a mileage of about 300 kilometres.


5. Low Expense

Electric cars are not only less expensive to maintain but also help you at different financial fronts. For example, you would have to pay a much lower tax on electric vehicles because that is generally based upon the pollution emission levels. Also, you would significantly benefit from the reduced toll rates.


The Disadvantages of Using an Electric Car

1. Inadequate Infrastructure

One of the main impediments that is currently holding up the advancement of electric cars is the few number of charging stations. There are almost 1,000 charging stations across Ireland. 


While they were free initially, the ESB now offers a monthly membership that lets car owners save every time they charge their vehicles. Also, there are mobile charging units for cars, providing 15% of the battery charge in only about 20 minutes. This allows you to quickly reach your nearest charging station.


2. High Price

Although there has been a significant drop in the price of electric cars, their prices are still higher than diesel and petrol cars. However, as there is an increase in their usage, and their production increases, their costs will also come down significantly.


3. Charging Time

Another problem with electric cars is the charging time that it takes. It takes almost 5 to 8 hours to get it fully charged. However, with semi-fast charging, this time can be significantly shortened to about 2-3 hours. With fast-charging stations like the ones found at the ESB charging stations will charge 80% of your battery in about 15 minutes.


Although the adoption of electric and hybrid cars isn’t happening at a rapid scale globally, they are already a favorite amongst people in Ireland. However, certain aspects like final purchase cost and charging facilities need to be taken care of for them to become more mainstream. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the future belongs to electric vehicles and it’s only a matter of time before combustion cars become a thing of the past.

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