Fit to play – New App to help Tipperary sports clubs return to play safely and manage player welfare

A new app and software platform called Actimet has been launched, which will help Tipperary sports clubs to return to play safely after Covid 19.

Actimet is a mobile app that simplifies coach and athlete communications by allowing athletes to enter subjective information such as their temperature, wellness, training effort, gym session effort, as review schedules, and receive notes sent by their coach.

Fit to play - New App to help Tipperary sports clubs return to play safely and manage player welfare

Rory McGauran – Head of Operations, Actimet

Actimet Head of Operations Rory McGauran: “Managing the wellness of players in any sport is essential, but because of Covid19 it can no longer be taken for granted. In most sports coaches only see their players for a short period of time each week. We have built an app that allows players to log their own training, diet, and wellness information – then the coaches can review it and make informed decisions.”

“We have a special feature that allows players to log their temperature, a key feature of returning to play safely for any sport after Covid19. It also removes the huge admin burden on sporting administrators,” He added.

“We are already working with hundreds of clubs in all sports, including football, hurling rugby, and soccer. There are hundreds of clubs in Tipperary now looking to return to the sports that they love and we’d love to help them,” said McGauran.

“Coaches are finding it helps them understand more about how their training is impacting their players both positively and negatively. It also allows players an efficient, secure, and private way of sharing any readiness to play and wellbeing information that will be of interest to coach and club officers,” he concluded.

Actimet was founded in 2019 by Galway Hurling’s fitness coach Lukasz Kirszenstein, and Head of Performance Analysis Rory McGauran and software engineer Edward Kaschula. First piloted by Galway Hurling and Corofin, Actimet is now used by over 150 clubs and teams from numerous sports, schools, and third-level institutions including the All Ireland Club Champions both ladies and men’s football and camogie.

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