Covid-19 has added urgency to the idea of forming a National Government – Mattie McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has repeated his call for the formation of a National Government. Deputy McGrath had originally called for this on 12 February after it became clear that the country was facing into a prolonged and possibly destabilising period of negotiations:

Covid-19 has added urgency to the idea of forming a National Government - Mattie McGrath

“When I made the call in early February, it was because I felt that the scale of health and housing crisis that was facing us demanded such an approach.


Now, and especially in light of the unprecedented challenges we are facing with respect to combatting Covid-19, it is even more urgent that such consideration takes place.


The two hour briefing on the virus that I attended yesterday with the Taoiseach, the Minister for Health and the Chief Medical Officer has only confirmed me in my original view.


Such an arrangement could utilise the d’Hondt method as a fair means of allocating positions and seats within such a government.


I entirely accept that we are in unchartered territory but given the absolute necessity of ensuring we have some kind of political and social stability for our people, then I believe all options should be considered with respect to government formation.


I have written to all party and group leaders and spokespersons this morning seeking their engagement on this matter.


The single most important objective here is that we create conditions where the needs of the people can be met.


It is time to set aside narrow political interests and to put the needs of the people first. We are here to serve the people and not to be self-serving about party or factional interests.


If that involves all parties and groupings in the Dáil compromising in order to agree a common government platform, the maybe that is something we ought to consider,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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