Borrisokane Players 2020 Production of ‘Mother Knows Best’

Borrisokane Players are delighted to announce their 2020 production of Jimmy Keary’s ‘Mother Knows Best’.

Tess McDermott is an overbearing, devious and social-climbing snob whose main mission in life is to impress others with her refinement and above all to orchestrate her daughter Suzy’s love life according to Tess’s standards. Such is her pre-occupation with this that Tess looses sight of her husband Harry, the actions of man hungry Dulcie, the location of little ‘Nappy’ and what it is exactly those painters are up too!

Borrisokane Players 2020 Production of ‘Mother Knows Best’

Back (from left to right): Joey Flannery, Heather Cahill, Teresa Brennan, Joan Morris, Debbie Doherty, Darragh Haugh, Damien Hough.
Front (from left to right): Lauren Bates, Ciara O’Meara, Pat Fox.

The cast have been working tirelessly since November to ensure a quality production and Borrisokane Players are delighted to welcome the debut of 5 new actors to the Clarke Memorial Stage; Teresa Brennan, Joan Morris, Lauren Bates, Joey Flannery & Heather Cahill. No strangers to the stage, Borrisokane Players are delighted to see the return of Darragh Haugh, Damien Hough, Pat Fox, Debbie Doherty and Ciara O’Meara for their 2020 production.

Borrisokane Players are thrilled to have Tom Hayes return to direct this year’s comedy production. Tom’s experience, attention to detail and delivery and comical understanding which he brings to the stage, has ensured a performance not to be missed.

So make sure you don’t miss out on the mayhem and laughs that are guaranteed with this comedy! Clarke Memorial Hall, Borrisokane, Friday March 20th to Sunday March 22nd inclusive, curtains up nightly at 8.30pm sharp. Booking Advisable via phone or text on 086 3262808, between 4-9pm nightly. Spread the word that in Borrisokane ‘Mother Knows Best’!

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