What makes a House a Home? Check out these Weird and Wonderful Homes around the World

We are familiar with various TV programmes showcasing some amazing homes and unbelieveable renovations. We either sit back looking in sheer awe at these magnificent homes or scratch our heads in bewilderment wondering what the attraction is to the inhabitants.


There is no doubt about it, everybody has their own unique tastes and desires in what they deem to be their ‘ideal home’.


Chill Insurance have created the infographic below which features some weird and wonderful homes from around the World.


If straight lines are not your thing, the Bubble Palace in France with it’s collection of domes or the Nautilus House in Mexico shaped like a giant seashell or the Flintstones inspired home in the USA will certainly satisfy your appetite for curves.


For any fans of the Big Brother TV show how about the Transparent House in Japan. Yes, you read that right, it’s completely transparent! If you like plenty of natural light and privacy isn’t an issue for you, then this could be your dream home!


Here in Ireland we tend to favour more traditional type buildings and have a long history with an abundance of older houses dating back centuries. While there are plenty of castles, most of which are uninhabitable, some have been converted into wonderful homes. Drummond Tower is one such castle recently restored into a magnificent home. 


In a survey carried out by Chill swimming pools were top of the list of unusual features people would include in their dream home and people were quite open minded about living in homes such as treehouses, canal boats, shipping container homes and yachts, which was top of the list. 


But what makes a house a home? From the survey results it is clear that most people consider the people that live in or visit our houses, creating memories, are what really makes a house a home. 


Join in the conversation about the meaning of home with the hashtag #WhatHomeIsToMe and why not make some more memories and invite some family, friends or neighbours around for a cup of tea.


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