Lack of Garda resources likely to encourage lethal gang related violence – Mattie McGrath TD

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that drug gangs and those involved in perpetrating horrific levels of violence will continue their campaign of terror until the Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is fully equipped and resourced to pro-actively respond to the crime crisis. Deputy McGrath was speaking after The Garda Representative Association claimed that the ERU does not have sufficient officers, training or equipment to provide the necessary support to frontline gardaí:

Lack of Garda resources likely to encourage lethal gang related violence - Mattie McGrath TD“It is becoming clearer with every passing day that despite all of the spin and the hype around extra garda resources that has been pouring out of the mouth of Minister Flanagan and a government Cabinet of detached elites-the reality on the ground is very, very different.

It is almost beyond belief to hear the GRA speak of reduced patrols, lack of tactical stops, out of date equipment and bulletproof vests well past the manufacturer’s warranty all becoming the norm due to lack of resources and poor training management at senior level.

How can these vicious criminals be anything but encouraged when they hear that the garda ERU has been handing out second-hand heavy duty body armour to its new member?

The message is now quite clear; this government and the current Fine Gael Minister for Justice have utterly failed the communities that are being victimised and terrorised by these ruthless thugs.

What is more; this government, by its inaction and failure to provide adequate resources have allowed entire communities to become hostages to violent gangs and their network of intimidation.

Unless the Garda are properly resourced this is only going to continue,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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