Cybersmarties endorsed by An Garda Siochana

Deputy Lowry Is Delighted To Confirm Cybersmarties Has Been Endorsed By An Garda Siochana To Launch A Cyberbullying Solution For Children.

Michael Lowry TD

Cybersmarties endorsed by An Garda Siochana

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In July of 2019, during Leaders Questions in the Dail, I raised the issue of online safety for children in Ireland. Cyberbullying and access to graphic adult material such as pornography and violence has been increasing in Ireland at an alarming rate. The availability of negative and exploitative online material to children from the youngest age through all the devices that are in existence today such as mobile phones, tablets and gaming apps. The emotional and mental anxiety experienced by children and young adults is at epidemic proportions with increased levels of self-harming among teenagers as a result of online peer pressure and on occasion tragically resulting in victims taking their own lives.

Technology is the pen and paper of our time and it is the means by which our children and young adults communicate today. The problem with the internet and social networks is that we have never been taught how to use them. The internet and social networks developed organically on a global scale without any conditions, rules or boundaries as to what is permissible behavior. I proposed that practical education from an early age is essential in helping to combat this out of control online problem.

Following raising this critical issue in the Dail, I’ve worked closely with Diarmuid Hudner, CEO of Cybersmarties who has developed a social network training platform for primary school aged children.

I am delighted to confirm that, will now be working in conjunction with The Garda National Protective Services Bureau to help combat the dangers of cyberbullying and promote positive mental health among Irish primary school children.

In the first endorsement of its kind, has been awarded the An Garda Siochána patent for Safety. This highlights the need for greater awareness and education when it comes to protecting primary school kids from the dangers and effects of online bullying.

According to a recent study by ZenithOptimedia, 1 in 5 Irish children say they have been a victim of bullying through social media. Over 80 thousand children are currently using the Irish owned platform since its inception in January 2015. The purpose of the site is to introduce children between the ages of 7 and 12 years to the world of social media in a protected environment. The An Garda Siochána patent for Safety recognises the dangers posed to young people by popular social platforms. uses unique emotional learning technology which detects and protects children as they are sending messages and demonstrates why the content of those may upset others. The social network is all about educating positive coping mechanisms within children to help them deal with fear, anxiety and stress as they are growing up. uses positive reinforcement devices, health and fitness videos and meditation to ensure children grow up feeling good about themselves. objective is to teach the next generation of internet users how to engage with social media in a positive manner so that cyberbullying becomes a thing of the past.

Cybersmarties has won numerous international awards for safety and innovation and has twice co-hosted Anti-Bullying Week UK with National Children’s Bureau UK. Cybersmarties is fully monitored and is the first social network to authenticate a child. Research by CyberSmarties shows wellbeing technology has resulted in a 94% reduction in inappropriate behaviour among children online.

I firmly believe the Cybersmarties platform which has now been endorsed by An Garda Siochána is at a point where it needs to be introduced to all primary schools in Ireland with immediate effect, thereby reducing cyberbullying, protecting children from accessing adult exploitative material and promoting positive relationships online.

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