Give your views and help more people in Tipperary discover fishing

Inland Fisheries Ireland is keen to encourage more people in Tipperary to discover and enjoy fishing. As a result, the organisation is looking to gather the views of the public in Tipperary and across the country around fishing via an online survey. The findings of the survey will help inform a Novice Angler Strategy which will aim to increase angling participation across all types of angling.

Give your views and help more people in Tipperary discover fishing

The survey looks to discover the barriers which novice anglers could experience when it comes to fishing and to find out their perceptions and experiences of fishing to date. It also will survey existing anglers around the type of fishing they practice and examine how angling clubs recruit and interact with novice anglers.

Suzanne Campion, Head of Business Development said: “We know that there are less people fishing then there were in previous decades and we want to find out why and how we can interest them in this lifelong hobby. Fishing is a sport which is suitable for all ages and abilities.

In today’s society, outdoor recreational activities are more important than ever from a health and well-being perspective and in Ireland, we are uniquely placed with the breadth and quality of our fisheries resource which is available to all to enjoy. The information and views of the public in Tipperary and nationwide are very important to us and will help to make angling better for everyone.”

The questionnaire is easy to complete and will take approximately 15 minutes. All participants in the survey will be in with a chance of winning one of three €50 vouchers for fishing equipment. You can participate in the survey by visiting the following link:

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