Shop Local Tipperary – New Initiative to remind us of the many benefits of shopping locally

shop local tipperary

Shop Local Tipperary is a new initiative by Tipperary County Council designed to raise awareness of the many great businesses on our doorstep and to remind us of the many benefits of shopping locally.


Pat Slattery, Director of Services with Tipperary County Council explains the thinking behind the new campaign “It is very important that consumers buy locally to support the local circular economy. We are launching this year long campaign in order to remind people of the quality and range of local goods and services that are available and the many benefits of shopping locally. Retail is a huge employer in the county and is the vibrancy that keeps our towns alive and buzzing. We are asking all Tipperary people and businesses to play their individual parts in making this campaign a success – and ensuring a better future for the area.”


The campaign will promote the diversity of local businesses and services available across the county and to encourage people to buy more locally. As Anthony Fitzgerald, Head of Enterprise and Local Development explains every €10 spent locally on Irish products generates more than €40 of benefit to the local community in terms of employment. Buying from locally owned businesses keeps money circulating closer to where you spend. Local shops use local services such as accountants, insurance brokers, catering , and suppliers, as well as employing local people, and they also usually carry a higher percentage of locally produced goods. If we encourage people to shop locally, it will create further employment and a better future for us all. 


Our towns and villages have a fabulous tradition of local business, pumping significant revenue back into the area’s economy every year. It is up to all of us to make sure that we keep that tradition and variety on our doorstep.

The key to this campaign is that we are not telling people how or where to spend their money – but simply asking everyone when they are buying, to think Shop Local Tipperary before they spend, and consider the benefits to this and future generations of shopping local. Keep an eye out for the new campaign and remember to think Shop Local Tipperary when you’re out shopping, eating, drinking, working and playing.

Editors note:

See video below created by the Tipp Tatler showcasing how money spent locally, stays locally

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