National Broadband Plan Is To Invest €118m in Tipperary with 10 Special Broadband Connection Points Selected for High Speed Fibre Connection in 2020 – Michael Lowry TD

Michael Lowry TD

Michael Lowry TD

Deputy Michael Lowry has warmly welcomed the investment of €118 million to connect over 29,600 homes, farms, businesses and schools in Tipperary through the National Broadband Plan. He stated the 10 Broadband Connection Points for Tipperary will be a game changer for the county.

Speaking this week Deputy Lowry said; “Broadband is now a vital infrastructure to help people work from home, access services and generally make their lives easier. The announcement that the National Broadband Plan will invest €118 million to connect over 29,600 homes, farms, businesses and schools throughout Tipperary is very welcome.”

Deputy Lowry also confirmed that ahead of the full Broadband Rollout, 10 locations in Tipperary would become high-speed Broadband Connection Points. 

Continuing Deputy Lowry said; “The areas selected as Broadband Connection Points are of community importance such as community halls, schools, libraries, GAA facilities, enterprise hubs, tourist locations and other public spaces. These 10 locations in Tipperary will receive a high-speed rural broadband service in 2020. 

These specific Broadband Connection Points will have a tremendous impact on the lives of people living in these rural areas of Tipperary. The Connection Points will enable access to broadband for daily use including remote working, general access such as checking emails and even for keeping in touch with family and friends at home and abroad. The Broadband Connection Points will support and sustain rural life and will help our communities thrive.” 

The 10 areas in Tipperary selected for rural hubs are: 

  • Aglish Community Hall, Aglish, Roscrea 
  • Curreeney Community Hall, Curreeney, Kilcommon, Thurles
  • Drom Community Hall, Drom, Borrisoleigh
  • Killea GAA Club, Killea Community Centre, Templemore
  • Killeen National School, Killeen, Riverstown, Birr
  • Killoscully Community Centre, Killoscully, Newport
  • Killurney Community Centre, Killurney, Ballypatrick, Clonmel
  • Moyglass Community Hall, Moyglass, Fethard
  • Poulacapple National School, Poulacapple
  • Rossmore Community Hall, Rossmore, Cashel

The type of services available in each of these Broadband Connection Points provided will depend on the building and area chosen. Work will commence on the deployment of the Broadband Connection Points immediately. However, each location receiving a Broadband Connection Point will have the option to provide one or more of the following four services.

  1. A Business Centre, situated in a public building, which provides access to local businesses that, may otherwise have to commute to access required broadband services.             
  2. A Hot-Desk Facility, which is open business hours or on demand within business hours.               
  3. A facility with limited public access, which might open a couple of hours a day or a few days a week.
  4. A local Wi-Fi hub with ‘always on’ Wi-Fi.

Concluding Deputy Lowry said; “The National Broadband Plan is an investment in our future and has the potential to attract employers into rural Tipperary and allowing people to work remotely from home.  

The 10 Broadband Connection Points will provide 150 Mb high-speed, high quality fibre broadband access to the local community and has the potential to offer a new lease of life to these rural regions. 

In the coming year’s our small and rural communities in Tipperary will see a massive difference to their internet connectivity, which will allow access to material and information online in a way that is not currently possible.

I have continuously supported the Government’s policy to formulate a contract for National Broadband Rollout.  I am pleased that despite the Oppositions repeated requests to abandon the plan, the Government have now signed off on a State Contract.   This is the biggest national development initiative since the rural electrification scheme.  It will have a similar transformative positive impact on rural Ireland.”

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