More Funding for Irish Sport is a Win for Everyone

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Ireland is set to become sportier than ever thanks to new funding from the government. Part of Project Ireland 2040, the extra cash will go to improving sport across the country and developing world-class facilities for athletes. According to Minister for Sport, Shane Ross, the aim is to help the country’s elite improve their training and achieve success on the world stage.

For former Olympic gold medallist Michael Carruth, the funding will be crucial for Ireland’s boxing stars. As a champion in the sport’s welterweight division, Carruth said that boxing is where Ireland enjoys the most success at the Olympics. With additional investment, he believes it will not only help get youngsters into the sport but further enhance the country’s reputation as a boxing nation.

Sport Continues to Grow in Ireland

Of course, it’s not just boxing that will benefit from the funding. As a country, Ireland has it’s perennial favourites and some emerging interests. Horse racing, rugby and Gaelic football have long captured the imagination of Irish sports fans. However, given the advent of online betting in recent years, the landscape has shifted. At Irish sports betting platform Unibet, users are not only offered odds on a variety of events but live streams, results and expert insights.

In essence, these sites have increased user engagement with non-traditional sports such as handball, American football and trotting. As is the case in all walks of life, knowledge is power. When people are more informed about a subject, they’re more likely to engage with it. Therefore, in this instance, the growth of online sports betting in Ireland has opened people up to new ideas. For the government, the extra funding is a way to capitalise on this and, hopefully, create stars in sports other than boxing, horse racing et al.

Increased Population will Improve Ireland’s Sporting Prowess

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As Ireland’s population grows, the government has been forced to plan ahead. Project Ireland 2040 is a €116 billion capital investment plan that will ensure transport, housing, healthcare and social activities are suitable for a more populated Ireland. Sport will be a cornerstone of the project and the money will be evenly distributed between national and local resources.

“We will be focusing on investing in top-class sporting facilities at local level for all of our people while at the same time expanding the range of world-class facilities available to our elite athletes,” Ross told the media on October 14.

Sport has always been an integral part of Irish life. Even as one of the smaller nations on a world stage, Irish athletes and teams often excel. Whether it’s rugby’s finest or Conor McGregor, Ireland always seems to produce when it comes to sport. With millions in funding soon to be made available, things can only get better and that’s something everyone can look forward to. Regardless of whether you’re active in sport, a casual fan or disinterested on the sidelines, more money will benefit Ireland as a whole.

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