Gourmet Cuisine: Where to Find it in Tipperary

There are so many great eateries in and around Tipperary, and it is easy to find cuisine from pretty much anywhere. But are you looking for somewhere to go when you need to make a meal even more special? For first dates or anniversaries, the average restaurant simply won’t cut it. On these occasions, it is imperative to impress, and going for gourmet offerings is the way forward. Tipperary doesn’t currently have any Michelin starred restaurants, but there are some fine dining spots that could be worthy of the coveted award in the future.

Irish food and fine dining may not necessarily go hand in hand in many cases, but there are various restaurants in the country which have been considered among the best in the world. Indeed, Ireland has 14 Michelin starred restaurants, according to research by Lottoland, and the ratio of one and two-starred eateries per citizen is almost identical to that of Japan, where there are 380 options in the esteemed guide. Unfortunately for Tipperary residents, venturing to these would require leaving the county and travelling to Cork, Kilkenny, or Dublin. One of the most notable options is The Greenhouse in the capital, which has recently been awarded two stars from the French company.

Some restaurant-goers in Tipperary, however, believe that many of our eateries there are worthy of Michelin stars. There are certainly a couple of contenders that deserve some recognition.


Chez Hans



Chez Hans in Cashel has been around since 1968. The renovated 19th century church is an extremely unique setting for a restaurant. This fine dining establishment was awarded one Michelin star in 1983. Chef Hans Peter Matthiae left in 1998, which is why the restaurant lost its accreditation. It also received the Red M, which indicates good food at a reasonable price, on three separate occasions. The restaurant on Moor Lane serves up international and Irish cuisine and has been lauded for its excellent service as well as food.


The Old Convent



This traditional Irish eatery is well-known for taking classic dishes and making them look like pieces of art. The Irish Artisan Tasting Menu features a sumptuous fennel crusted John Dory and an extremely tasty blueberry sorbet, along with other delights. There is also a gourmet vegetarian tasting menu which features a sweet potato fondant and a chickpea and halloumi fritter. Another impressive feature of this venue is the stunning location with beautiful surrounding gardens.


Fiacri House Restaurant



Fiacri House Restaurant in Roscrea is the third and final option on this list. It is worthy of a mention due to its impressive placing at number three on TripAdvisor. It has been praised for its warm and friendly environment and the way the chef spruces up iconic Irish dishes and turns them into something even more special. The rack of Tipperary lamb is one of the standout options on the menu, while this location also boasts fine natural surroundings.

One common theme shared by these Tipperary hotspots is their breathtaking surroundings and warm atmosphere. For comforting Irish cuisine with a fancy twist, these places are not to be missed. In fact, it’s entirely possible that they may earn a spot on the Michelin guide soon. 





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