Tipperary Breakfast Champions are ready to serve Féile Trip to Tipp visitors…as Kevin Thornton returns for a Premier breakfast!

The Tipperary Breakfast Champions are a group of eleven hospitality and food businesses who are committed to only serving the very best of Tipperary food produce to their guests each morning. The chartered initiative created by the Tipperary Food Producers Network (TFPN) and supported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine is an extension of The Tipperary Breakfast, the signature breakfast created by Kevin Thornton.

Double Michelin-starred Chef, Kevin Thornton initially created The Tipperary Breakfast in 2017 using only the finest Tipperary produce from the hands of TFPN members. Following an inspirational launch where representatives of the hospitality, food and tourism industry in Tipperary enjoyed a demonstration and tasting, the decision was made to actively encourage all local businesses to create their very best Tipperary breakfast offerings using network produce and hence the Tipperary Breakfast Champions project began.
Tipperary Breakfast Champions are ready to serve Féile Trip to Tipp visitors…as Kevin Thornton returns for a Premier breakfast!

“Tipperary Breakfast Champions are ready to serve Féile Trip to Tipp visitors…” Pic by John D Kelly

Féile 2019, The Trip to Tipp will take place the weekend of the 20th and 21st of September attracting a large number of visitors to the Premier County. The Tipperary Breakfast Champions are poised and ready to serve a taste of Tipperary to festival-goers using the very best of local produce from the food producers network. Local Tipperary Breakfast Champions close to the festival includes The Horse & Jockey Hotel, Inch House and The Cottage, Loughmore to name a few. -The criteria to become a Tipperary Breakfast Champion is simple, the hospitality provider must include at least five ingredients supplied by members of the Tipperary Food Producers Network, then each champion can put their own unique stamp on the breakfast dishes they create with them.
Kevin Thornton will curate the ‘Food for Life’ area at this year’s Féile weekend much to the champions and network members delight. Hospitality and food go hand in hand and in Tipperary and we are most fortunate to have some of the finest land and produce available nationwide.
Tipperary Breakfast Champions are ready to serve Féile Trip to Tipp visitors…as Kevin Thornton returns for a Premier breakfast!

Tipperary Food Producers Network launch their Breakfast Champions initiative where local food producers and hospitality partners are working together to serve an authentic taste to visitors to the premier county photo john d kelly

Speaking of his upcoming engagement Thornton said “I am bringing together a great selection of small, artisan food vendors to showcase our excellent Irish produce at Semple Stadium. Across the weekend we hope to make ‘Food for Life at Féile’ a highlight for attendees giving them an opportunity to try something new while supporting passionate local businesses”.

Con Traas, Chairman of the Tipperary Food Producers Network and Owner of renowned local food business The Apple Farm commented “Kevin Thornton’s signature Tipperary Breakfast is an incredible and delicious creation that got us all thinking about how best to use the network ingredients in an accessible way for local hospitality and food providers to create something special of their own. We knew the signature breakfast raised the bar and there was a growing number of creative takes on the Tipperary Breakfast being introduced to menus all across the county. As a network we considered this movement within the Tipperary hospitality industry, each putting our products together in imaginative ways and explored how we could reward such efforts. Féile festival-goers would usually stay locally and have breakfast before departure, we believe that to start the day the Tipperary way is a parting gift from our home county certainly worth waiting around for.”
The Tipperary Food Producers Network are working in conjunction with Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Tourism, Munster Vales and Ireland’s Ancient East on this project and many interesting initiatives that the network will be rolling out over the coming months. For information on upcoming projects, news and events visit www.tipperaryfoodproducers.ie.
About Tipperary Food Producers:
Tipperary Food Producers Network are a community of food and beverage producers working together in a network to promote the very best food Tipperary has to offer. Creating nutritious foods is what binds us together. The integrity that they offer with their products makes them stand out both nationally and internationally.
Their vibrant network of dedicated producers includes cheesemakers and bee-keepers, fruit farmers and cider makers, butchers and bakers and sauce and jam makers. Their members also make ice-cream and sorbet, vegetable oil, as well as sweets, chocolates and crisps. They even have members making corn tortillas and peanut butter.
Many of the producers work directly on the land and personally deliver the finest quality offerings from what nature provides, in turn making these elements into something special. From the world-renowned Cashel Blue Cheese, to more local specialities like Boulabán Farm Ice Cream and Emerald Oils, all made on their family farms.
List of Tipperary Food Producers
  • Annie’s Farm
  • Ayle Foods
  • Barbara Russell Catering
  • Blanco Niño
  • Boulabán Farm
  • Brookfield Farm
  • Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers
  • Cooleeney Farm
  • Crosse Family Farm
  • Crossogue Preserves
  • Crowe’s Farm
  • Derg Farmhouse Cheese
  • Emerald Oils
  • Galtee Honey Farm
  • Hickeys Bakery & Café
  • Holycross Stores
  • Inch House Pudding
  • Irish Hedgerow
  • Irish Piedmontese Beef
  • James Whelan Butchers
  • Lisduff Fine Foods
  • Longways Cider
  • Magner’s Farm
  • Mags’ Bakehouse
  • NutShed
  • O’Donnells Crisps
  • Red Nose Wine
  • Spearmans Bakery & Tea Rooms
  • The Apple Farm
  • The Butcher’s Daughter
  • Three Men in a Trailer
  • Vera Miklas
The Tipperary Breakfast Champions:
Kevin Thornton’s signature ‘Tipperary Breakfast’
Tipperary Food Producers Network commissioned renowned chef and fellow Tipperary man Kevin Thornton to create a signature Tipperary Breakfast created entirely using local produce.
Working with ingredients locally sourced through the Tipperary Food Producers Network, the dish has been designed to be very simple to reproduce, and it is hoped that The Tipperary Breakfast will be offered to guests on breakfast menus across the county of Tipperary initially, but in time both nationally and internationally.
The Tipperary Breakfast is Tipperary toast served with warm apple and blackberry compote, natural yoghurt with grilled bacon and black and white pudding served with refreshing local apple juice.
Read more on thetaste.iehttp://thetaste.ie/wp/kevin-thornton-tipperary-breakfast/

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