Will Off-shore Lotto’s Damage “Cash For Good Causes” Program In Ireland?

If you are under the age of 50, you may not realize what an impact the National Lottery has had on Ireland. Over 30 years ago, the National Lottery was introduced, specifically, as a way to help non-profit organizations. The proceeds of the National Lottery of Ireland assist in youth sports of all kinds, community groups, recreation, health, welfare, arts, the environment, Irish national heritage and so much more. Anything that is good for the Irish community is considered.


The contribution given to these programs depends upon the amount of money the National Lottery collects. To put it simply, 30 cents of every euro is contributed to “Cash For Good Causes.” This is in good times and bad. 


Dermot Griffin, CEO of Premier Lotteries reports:Since the National Lottery was established in 1987 more than €5.3 billion has been raised for good causes. Last year we raised €226 million for good causes, which is approximately €620,000 a day.” 

Is There A Threat?

There is no doubt that the National Lottery and the games they produce bring in revenue that directly benefits the citizens of Ireland. People have been afforded a quality of life that they would not have obtained without financial help. Children who need a helping hand are given the tools to succeed in life. 


The construction of a children’s hospital is but one of the jewels in the crown of Cash For Good Causes. However, they worry that there is a threat to the amount of money they will be able to contribute as situations present themselves. They are concerned about the ability to take on long term goals, such as the children’s hospital with little control over who can affect their business with little legislation regarding the off-shore laws. As the problem as they see it escalates, they are asking the government for more control to safeguard their business and the citizens of Ireland who depend on Cash For Good Causes.


Off-Shore Casinos

Off-shore casinos such as Lottoland abides by the rules and regulations of the region. They are fully insured. They are aware of the laws of Ireland for gambling and off-shore regulations. They run a legitimate and legal business. It is important to note that while they look like they are giving you an option to play the National Lotto, they are not. They are giving you the option to bet on the outcome of the National Lotto. They look like your Irish Lotto. They play the same. They feel like the same experience. You win the exact same way. The only difference is this. If you win, you are paid by Lottoland, not the National Lottery. You are paid by Lottoland’s insurance company. Note: Small gambling winnings are paid by the casino. 


If you were playing the National Lotto, a portion of the money the lottery brought in would be set aside for the Cash For Good Causes programs automatically. 

What about an off-shore casino? 

Lottoland is a privately owned company. They have virtual casinos that are exactly like the brick and mortar casinos you can visit. However, you play these casinos on-line. You can play a game that is exactly like your National Lottery, you can try the US Powerball Lottery, or you can play Blackjack with a live dealer. From slots to poker, the off-shore casino is like any other casino. The point is, the Irish National Lottery is only a small part of their giant industry. 


Lottoland is interested in helping other people and is certainly pro-good-cause programs. They have chosen to partner with large, professional, charity organizations that can help people in need. They have recently partnered with Irish Red Cross. This partnership is the first of its magnitude for Lottoland. They are particularly excited about helping provide digitisation ambulance fleet systems. This brings Ireland to the cutting edge of technology and it will save many lives. A crowdfund account has been set up to allow others to participate.  

Room To Grow

Both parties have some valid points. Maybe The National Lottery will have to work harder to draw people to their casino. They may have to adjust projections. However, since the National Lottery has other games to offer, they may have to ramp up the advertisements and remind people of the good they do outside the casino.


Lottoland has a right to spend its money where it wants to. They chose wisely. Perhaps they should talk about it a bit and let the Irish citizens know that they are keeping up. They care about the people. They are the new kid on the block. Maybe they are looking at the situation through different eyes. But, they are looking. They are willing to contribute to the good of Ireland. Maybe, their idea of good includes different venues.


Maybe, the two groups could get together and find some common ground. Maybe they will walk away with the opinion that this could be a win-win situation for the people of Ireland. That is really what it is all about.

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