Leaving Certificate Exam 2019 – Over 58,500 candidates receive results today

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) congratulates and wishes well for the future the candidates who sat the Leaving Certificate examination in 2019 and whose results issued today. 

The statements of provisional results of this year’s examinations are available in schools today. From the earlier time of 10am this year, students who are not in a position to collect their results in person from their school can access them through the SEC’s new online Candidate Self-Service Portal on www.examinations.ie

General Overview of Leaving Certificate 2019 The overall number sitting the examinations is 58,787 in 2019. Of the candidates who sat Leaving Certificate examinations this year, 56,071 candidates followed the Leaving Certificate (Established) programme, of which 13,124 (22.3%) followed the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme. A further 2,716 (4.6%) candidates followed the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme. 

The results obtained this year are broadly in line with those obtained in 2018 and previous years. 

Candidates receiving results today in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Link Modules and Politics and Society had their examinations marked using an online marking system. Their scripts were scanned and marked by examiners using specially designed software. Candidates’ scripts were marked on a computer, not by a computer. When it comes to the viewing of scripts candidates will view these scripts online. 

What Candidates Should Do Next The most important piece of advice that SEC can give to candidates is to register on the Candidate Self Service Portal on www.examinations.ie if they have not already done so. The SEC has developed the Portal (an expansion of the SEC’s Online Results Service) to support faster and more efficient services to candidates and faster communication between candidates, the SEC and schools in relation to the viewing of scripts and the appeals so that we can deliver the appeal results, three weeks earlier than last year, in the week ending the 20th September. 

The online services available on the Candidate Self Service Portal are: 

  • Access to examination results; 
  • Access to component marks in subjects (e.g. oral marks; practical marks, etc.); 
  • Application to view scripts; 
  • View scripts online in subjects which were marked online i.e. Mathematics, 

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, LCVP (Written component) and Politics & Society; 

  • Application to appeal; 
  • Access to the appeal results. 

The application to view scripts, the viewing of scripts marked online, the appeal application and access to results services are being provided exclusively online this year. 

All of the detailed information that candidates need about the Portal registration process as well as information about accessing results online, accessing component marks, viewing scripts, and appealing results can be found in the 2019 Candidate Information Booklet which was issued before the commencement of the examinations. This booklet is also available from https://www.examinations.ie/misc-doc/BI-CA-60294532.pdf

As this issue date for the appeals is so much earlier than before, the deadlines for applying to view scripts and to appeal results are all much earlier as a consequence. Candidates should familiarise themselves with the key dates and deadlines this year to ensure that they do not miss out on being able to access the post-results services as the deadlines must be strictly applied. 

Candidates should adhere to the instructions provided in order to ensure that they lodge valid requests for viewing marked scripts and appealing results. 

Viewing of Leaving Certificate Scripts Candidates in the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied examinations are afforded an opportunity to view their own marked scripts after the initial marking process. The viewing allows candidates to satisfy themselves that the marking scheme has been applied correctly to their work and, in addition to enhancing transparency, is designed to assist candidates in making a decision to appeal a result in one or more subjects. The SEC will provide two Viewing of Scripts services this year: 

  1. in schools for subjects marked on paper 2. on-line for subjects marked on-line. 

The application process is the same for both services. Applications to view can only be made through the Candidate Self Service Portal between 9 am on Wednesday 14th August and 5pm on Friday 16th August. 

Viewing of scripts marked on paper will take place in schools on the evening of Tuesday 20th and during the day on Wednesday 21st August. Subjects marked online (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, LCVP, Physics and Politics & Society) will be available for viewing via the Candidate Self Service Portal. Access to view these scripts online will be over the same period, ie from 5pm on Tuesday 20th until 5pm Wednesday 21st August as the viewing in schools of scripts marked on paper. 

Candidates will continue to have access to the published marking schemes, whether the subject was marked on paper or on-line. 

Another improvement that candidates will see this year, and which will be of assistance in making decision about viewing scripts and appealing results, is that they will have access to the final mark awarded to each individual component within a subject including the written paper(s) as well as marks for orals, practicals, projects, coursework, etc. Access to component results will be available through the Candidate Self-Service Portal from 9 am Wednesday, 14th August. 

Leaving Certificate Appeals Revised Timelines Applications to appeal can only be made through the Candidate Self Service Portal between 5 pm, Friday 16th August and 5pm, Thursday 22nd August. In 2019 the results of the Leaving Certificate appeals will be released to students in the week ending September 20th, a full three weeks earlier than the normal timeframe (Wednesday 10th October in 2018). This fundamental re-engineering of the appeals process includes a combination of earlier releases of provisional results of the Leaving Certificate and of CAO Round 1 offers to students, bringing forward the process whereby students are able to view their examination scripts in advance of deciding to submit an appeal, having appeals examiners mark scripts on a full-time basis rather than only at evenings and weekends, and a streamlining of the overall appeals logistics. 

Access to Examination Scripts Under a ruling by the European Court of Justice, examinations scripts are classified as personal data and accordingly candidates can seek copies of their scripts. Data access requests for scripts may be made to the SEC but it could take up to 90 days from the issue date of the Leaving Certificate results, or longer if they appeal, before a candidate receives a copy of their script under the Data Protection legislation. By the time they receive a copy of the script, the opportunity to appeal the result will have passed. 

Candidates need to be aware that the only opportunity that they will have to access their written examination scripts in advance of the appeal application closing date is to apply to view their script on the 20th and 21st of August. Candidates viewing scripts which were marked on paper are allowed to bring a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera with them to the viewing session in order to make a copy of their own script(s). 

New Pilot Interim Measure for RACE Scheme 

Under an extension of the emergency provisions of the Scheme of Reasonable Accommodations at the Certificate Examinations (RACE Scheme), the State Examinations Commission (SEC) introduced a limited provision, on an interim pilot basis, for supporting Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied candidates who experienced the death of a close relative during the period of the 2019 examinations in June. 

The alternative Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied examinations, which were held in Athlone from Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July, were attended by fewer than 40 candidates. Out of respect for the privacy of these candidates, it is not possible to provide further details of these arrangements. 

The results from the alternative Leaving Certificate examinations, which were of equivalent standard to the June examinations, are being issued at the same time as all of the other results. There will be no difference for the candidate or for the end users of the results (CAO, etc.) between results attained in June and those attained in July, ie there will be no indication on the Provisional Statement of Results or final certificate to indicate which examination paper a candidate sat. 

This interim, pilot measure is subject to review. The SEC will be arranging consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, including school management and principals’ representatives, parents and students in order to inform the development of this provision into the future. These consultations will include a review of the operation of this pilot interim scheme and will commence in the autumn. 

Admissions to Higher Education The SEC transmits the results of all candidates electronically to the Central Applications Office (CAO). This brings about the earliest possible issue of college place offers to candidates. As part of the system changes to enable the SEC to issue the appeal results three weeks earlier this year, the CAO 1st Round offers will be available to applicants from 2pm on Thursday 15th August. 

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme This year 2,716 students took their final stage examinations in the two year Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) programme. LCA students have been building their credits right through the two years of their Leaving Certificate course, so today brings the final stage and full recognition of their achievements. 

The results for LCA students differ from those of their counterparts in the established Leaving Certificate. Graduates from the LCA programme receive a single award made on the basis of credits accumulated over the two year cycle and in the final examinations. This award is given at three levels: Pass for those students with total credits of 60% or over but less than 70%; Merit for 70% or over but less than 85%; and Distinction for 85% and above. 

The numbers taking the LCA programme over the past five years and the grades awarded are shown in the following table. 

Year Distinction Merit Pass Record TOTAL 2015 544 1,442 430 471 2,887 2016 529 1,369 396 464 2,758 2017 588 1,337 378 470 2,773 2018 538 1,322 357 492 2,709 2019 608 1,318 344 446 2,716 Table 1 LCA Results 2015-2019 

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) is an optional, two year, academic and experience-based programme, available in 2 out of 3 post-primary schools. Candidates following the LCVP take a specified range of Leaving Certificate (Established) subjects as well as a formal and practical programme called the Links Modules. The Links Modules consists of compulsory work experience and enterprise activity together with personal vocational exploration and substantial use of information technology. 

The numbers taking the subject over the past five years and the grades awarded are shown in the following table: 

Year Distinction Merit Pass Unsuccessful TOTAL 2015 1,620 8,326 4,148 830 14,924 2016 1,870 7,454 4,291 1,022 14,637 2017 1,542 7,793 3,942 748 14,025 2018 1,561 6,929 3,935 943 13,368 2019 1,109 6,887 4,043 1,085 13,124 Table 2 LCVP Results 2015—2019 

Non-curricular EU Languages The SEC provides examinations in a range of EU non-curricular languages. In order to simplify the administration of these examinations, all non-curricular EU language subjects were again scheduled for a single examination session this year. It is intended to continue this practice in future years. There is a slight increase in the candidature for the non- 

curricular EU languages this year – a total of 1,679 as against 1,461 in the 2018 examinations. 

The following table provides the number of candidates in these language subjects in 2019. 

Subject 2019 Dutch 17 Portuguese 116 Polish 780 Latvian 62 Lithuanian 177 Romanian 340 Hungarian 51 Czech 12 Slovakian 18 Bulgarian 16 Croatian 61 Modern Greek 13 Others with 10 or less candidates * 16 Total 1,679 Table 3 Non-Curricular Language Subjects 2019 

*Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Maltese, Slovenian and Estonian. 

Advice for Candidates A helpline facility will be operating from early on 13th August to provide information and advice to students and parents at results time. The helpline number operated by the National Parents’ Council (Post-Primary) is: 1800 265 165 

(Note: This helpline facility is not operated by the State Examinations Commission) 

All statistics provided in this press release are provisional for 2019 and as such are subject to enquiry and appeal. 

The SEC publishes on its website www.examinations.ie statistical information on the results of the 2019 Leaving Certificate examinations for all subject levels with more than 10 candidates. For reasons of candidate confidentiality, the SEC only publishes details of individual subjects/levels for more than 10 candidates. 

Numbers of Candidates Sitting the Leaving Certificate 2015 – 2019 

Leaving Certificate (Established and LCVP) 

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme 

Total Annual 

Total Annual 

% Change 

% Change 

2015 55,044 2,887 57,931 +1.6% 2016 55,708 2,758 58,465 +0.9% 2017 55,770 2,773 58,543 +0.1% 2018 54,440 2,709 57,149 -2.4% 2019 56,071 2,716 58,787 +2.9% Table 4 All Leaving Certificate Candidature 2015-2019 

2015 figures include 2,616 External and 1,670 Repeat Candidates. 2016 figures include 2,819 External and 1,445 Repeat Candidates. 2017 figures include 2,623 External and 1,172 Repeat Candidates. 2018 figures include 2,556 External and 907 Repeat Candidates. 2019 figures include 2,726 External and 697 Repeat Candidates 

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