Imagining the Future: A conversation with publisher and author Sarah Davis-Goff Cloughjordan Saturday 18 May

On Saturday, 18 May at 8pm, Sheelagh na Gig bookshop in Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary welcomes innovative publisher and author Sarah Davis-Goff for a conversation on imagining the future.

Sarah Davis-Goff began her publishing career with Lilliput Press, where she was an advocate for publishing Donal Ryan’s first novel. A Spinning Heart went on to win numerous awards, including the prestigious Guardian First Book Award, and was listed for the MAN Booker and the IMPAC awards.

Imagining the Future: A conversation with publisher and author Sarah Davis-Goff Cloughjordan Saturday 18 MayIn 2014, with Lisa Coen, Sarah Davis-Goff founded Tramp Press to remedy the irritations they experienced in the male-centric world of publishing. Since then, Tramp Press has published life-changing works of fiction and non-fiction, working with authors including Sara Baume, Mike McCormack and Emilie Pine. Their writers have won the International Dublin Literary Award (formerly the IMPAC), the Goldsmiths Prize, the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, and the Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards twice out of the last three years. Tramp Press is extremely good at what they do.

Even though Tramp Press has published extraordinary books, Davis-Goff still found she wasn’t reading exactly what she was looking for – work that talks about the world that seems to exist for one half of the population but not the other, where inequality is taken as a given, and where women know exactly what they want to do about it.

Imagining the Future: A conversation with publisher and author Sarah Davis-Goff Cloughjordan Saturday 18 MayThe result is Last Ones Left Alive, Davis-Goff’s debut novel, published by Tinder Press. A page-turning roadtrip of a story through a post-disaster future in Ireland, Last Ones Left Alive by turn entertains, provokes and provides fuel for conversations about how we want the future to be and how we’re going to get there.

On Saturday, 18 May 8pm at Sheelagh na Gig bookshop, Sarah Davis-Goff will be discussing the success of Tramp Press, what they’ve done differently and why it has worked, the need to write, and how publishers, authors and readers can and should be activists. Tickets for the event are free but limited, and can be booked on Eventbrite or directly with Sheelagh na Gig bookshop.

Imagining the Future with Sarah Davis-Goff is part of Feminist Book Fortnight. Begun last year, Feminist Book Fortnight is a celebration of feminist publishing from independent bookshops around Europe.

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Sheelagh na Gig bookshop: Sheelagh na Gig bookshop in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary hosts cultural events throughout the year, including the Feminist Book Club on the last Tuesday of every month. For more information, search for Sheelagh na Gig Bookshop on Facebook and Twitter.

Feminist Book Fortnight: In 2018 a group of radical and independent bookshops around the UK and Ireland launched Feminist Book Fortnight, a celebration of feminist books. Independent bookshops around the country highlighted the diversity of feminist books over the two weeks with displays of books and lots of events. Participating bookshops reported lots of full events and a “thirst” for discussion of feminist issues as well as celebration of feminist achievements.

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