Significant progress in how Attachment and Committal Orders are processed – Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins, Carol Nolan

Independent TD’s Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins and Carol Nolan have welcomed commitments provided to them by the office of the Deputy Garda Commissioner regarding the processing of Attachment and Committal Orders. The Deputies were speaking after they along with Mr Jerry Beades, met with senior Garda personnel earlier today as part of their ongoing efforts to protect and vindicate the rights of those in severe mortgage or repossession distress. Speaking on behalf of the group Deputy McGrath made the following statement:


“Our meeting today with the Deputy Garda Commissioner was very positive and constructive.


We all agreed that the existing processes that are in place in terms of how Attachment and Committal Orders are being constructed and served is not fit for purpose and is failing families and individuals right across the state.


The Deputy Garda Commissioner informed us that they have been in regular contact with the Law Society and have now agreed with them that a new Code of Practice is to be drawn up and strictly adhered to.


As we understand it; the changes that will now be introduced will ensure that any legal representative acting on behalf of banks or lenders will now have their Attachment or Committal Order referred to the Office of the Garda Commissioner and the Garda Legal Department in the Phoenix Park.


This represents significant progress as it will work to protect those in financial distress against the undue haste which has previously been attached to the execution of these Orders in the Courts.


There was a general acceptance by all of us present at the meeting that people’s rights are not being protected and in some cases have even been undermined due to the speed at which these Orders are granted.”


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