Pearse Doherty TD to speak in Tipperary on Evictions and Vulture Funds

Pearse Doherty TD will be in Cashel on Thursday as a special guest speaker at Sinn Féin’s public meeting on evictions and vulture funds.

The event will be taking place at 7:30pm on Thursday 28 March at Halla na Feile in Cashel.

Speaking on the event, Sinn Féin candidate Ciara McCormack stated that the public meeting will offer an excellent opportunity to examine the extent of evictions and mortgage distress in the county:

Pearse Doherty TD to speak in Tipperary on Evictions and Vulture Funds“The last few years has seen a marked uptick in vulture fund activity, not to mention evictions and repossessions, all of which have added further fuel to the housing crisis.

“What’s more worrying is that vulture activity is showing no signs of abating.

“Cases like those in Rosanna Close in Tipp town, where 19 families were abruptly given notice to vacate their homes after the properties had been purchased by a vulture firm called Corestone Ltd, has set an alarming precedent in the county.

“Many banks have become too willing to throw struggling households to the wolves in order to make a quick, short-term profit.

“The lack of state intervention to address this only indicates that the banks and the vultures are effectively operating with the tacit approval of the government.

“Vulture funds themselves have come in for serious criticism lately, and despite the inaction of the government, I still think there is real potential to build a cross-party consensus that can push through legislation which will crack down on rogue conduct.

“Pearse Doherty has proved himself as a very skilled adversary against vulture funds and the vested interests of the banking elite.

“Earlier this year, Pearse was able to pass his ‘No Consent, No Sale’ bill through the Dáil which would allow legislation to be introduced that would prevent the sale of mortgages to vulture funds without the consent of the mortgage holder.

“We’ll be more than glad to welcome Pearse down to Tipperary and would encourage any interested of affected persons or organisations to attend.”

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