Council need to take more proactive steps to protect Suir from plastic waste – McCormack

The latest studies on plastics in our rivers and marines makes for alarming reading and requires a robust response according to Sinn Féin election candidate Ciara McCormack.

New research from Irish scientists indicates that plastic pollution in freshwater and marine ecosystems are much more pervasive than previously thought.

“Ireland is ranked the second worst in Europe when it comes to environmental protection; and has the second highest rate of plastic bottle consumption per capita in the EU.

“The government and local authorities could be doing more to counteract this and to improve our local environment.

“Sinn Féin published the Waste Reduction Bill in 2017, which would introduce a deposit return scheme for drink bottles and cans.

“Deposit refund schemes operate efficiently and effectively across Europe.

“Croatia introduced a bottle return scheme where a refundable deposit is levied on non-refillable bottles. As a result, retailers are obliged to take back containers.

“The scheme has been a massive boon to recycling and waste reduction.

“Unfortunately, Fine Gael has tried to frustrate the Waste Reduction Bill at every opportunity and it remains languishing at the second stage in Leinster House.

“Plastic waste, however, is too much of a danger to our environment to be ignored. Especially when they damage our biodiversity and food chain.”

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