Road Trip Secrets: 5 of Ireland’s most beautiful drives

Every so often, our mind and body needs a proper break from our hectic work schedules, one of the ways you can unwind and relax is by travelling.


If you haven’t got the time or money to plan a holiday abroad, you can look at going on a road trip instead. A road trip can be done over a weekend and is extremely flexible. Road trips also allow you to get up close with the scenery and immerse into the secret locations of your chosen location.


While most people might be more familiar with the motorways of Ireland, it’s strongly recommended to dwelve into the country’s scenic drive as well. Chill Insurance have created an eBook of Ireland’s 5 most beautiful drives for you to choose from.

1. Wexford to Waterford, via The Ring of Hook Road

If you fancy seeing some historical monuments, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this drive.


The route starts in the beautiful coastal town of Wexford and is 95km long. As you come across the rugged Hook Peninsula, you will see a black and white beacon. This Hook Lighthouse dates back from the 13th century and is the world’s oldest working lighthouse. As you reach the end of the route, you will also discover a small fishing village complete with its 15th-century castle.

2. The Sky Road, Connemara

If you are looking for a route that is tranquil and has coastal views, there’s no better route than the Sky Road.


Lengthing at 15km, this route is comparatively shorter than other routes, however, you will be able to see along the Connemara coast as you drive along the loops and sheltered folds of the route. Along the drive you will also come across the incredible views of Twelve Bense inland and Inishturk.


For an added bonus to this road trip, if you time your trip right when the tides are low you’ll be able to carry on driving over from the Aughrus Peninsula to Omey Island.


3. Dublin to Portaloise, Through the Wicklow Mountains

If you are up for a mysterious drive, you should try the route that goes through the Wicklow Mountains.


As you wind your way through the 140km drive of undulting terrain, you should take a slight detour to see the Powerscourt Waterfall, which sits at the foot of the mountains and is the highest waterfall in the country. Along the drive, you will also come across the Sally Gap mountain pass,and have a view over the surrounding valleys where you will also discover one of Ireland’s best preserved monastic settlements.

4. The Causeway Coast

One of the most beautiful drives you can do is the Causeway Coastal Route.


The route traces the footsteps of the mythical giant Finn McCool and takes you past the reknowned Giant’s Causeway. This is a UNESCO heritage site and features 40,000 striking hexagonal columns formed from basalt. Along the route, you will also see other highlights like the Carrickfergas Castle, the Gobbins, which is a cliff-face footpath that offers unparalleled views over the Antrim shoreline.


5. Fanad Peninsula

If you are looking for some spectacular vistas, try driving along the Fanad Peninsula.


Donegal offers an array of beautiful drives, and this route is one of the most satisfying drives.  Start heading North from Letterkenny which takes you up to Fanad Head and back to Rathmullan via the Knockalla Coast Road. The views across Ballymastocker Bay are breathtaking and is the perfect pitstop if you want a dip in the water. It’s also worth exploring the pretty heritage town of Rathmullan nestled on the shores of Lough Swilly.


If you haven’t got the travel bug before, I am sure you will start feeling like you want to go somewhere after this post. When you start making plans for your journey, remember to map out the route, prepare enough food and clothing as well as to buy car insurance in case of any unexpected incidents.

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