Ciara McCormack selected to represent Sinn Féin for the Thurles Local Election Area

The Sinn Féin selection convention for the Thurles Local Election Area took place on Friday night last in Hayes Hotel in Liberty Square, Thurles. The convention was uncontested following Cllr Doran’s shock resignation from the party on social media on the eve of convention on Thursday evening.
Ciara Mc Cormack was selected by the local party membership to contest the upcoming elections and will now go forward to represent Sinn Féin in the Thurles area.
Ciara McCormack selected to represent Sinn Féin for the Thurles Local Election Area

Ciara McCormack, Kathleen Funchion TD for Carlow Kilkenny

Speaking following the convention Ciara McCormack said the following, “I acknowledge Cllr Doran’s resignation from Sinn Féin on the grounds that his views have become increasingly at odds with the party in recent years and that he obviously no longer feels comfortable representing the party. This is regrettable, but I would like to extend to Cllr Doran my best wishes in all his future endeavours”,

Ciara continued, “It is an absolute honour for me to be selected by Sinn Féin to contest the upcoming local elections. I’m looking forward to getting out on the doors to hear the concerns of the people and to get stuck into the issues that affect people in Thurles and surrounding areas.”
“Everyone accross our towns villages know that this country is broken in many ways. Everybody can clearly see that there is no value for money in terms of the level of taxes they pay compared to the services they get in return.
“Absolutely no one on our island enjoys life as they should or can prosper to the greatest of their potential, no matter what their background or what stage of life they find themselves at.”
“And when the wolf comes knocking at the door, be that in terms of housing, health, with social and community problems or any of the other numerous issues people face in their daily lives, local government must be there to assist people with dignity and respect and have a genuine interest in making people feel secure in their lives.”
“That is the foundation upon which all Sinn Féin activism, policy and campaigns must be undertaken. Sinn Féin has an unbeatable track record for building communities, tackling the tough unpopular social issues, holding the County Council to account and demanding that officials within the council actually fulfil the functions they are paid to carry out.”
“It is these principles what will form the core of my Council Election campaign for the people of Thurles and surrounding areas in the coming months.”

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