The European Parliament launch, major grassroots election campaign, ‘This Time I’m Voting’

The campaign aims to demystify European elections and to energise young citizens in particular to vote

The European Parliament has launched ‘This Time I’m Voting’, a campaign designed to motivate citizens to vote in the European elections next May, and to encourage their friends and family to do likewise.

The platform is now available in 24 languages, including Irish, in all member states of the European Union. It is supported by tens of thousands of volunteers all across the continent, who signed up and are committed to persuading people to vote in the European elections on 23‐26 May 2019, the second largest democratic exercise in the world.

The recent Eurobarometer, a pan-European survey, highlighted that 85% of Irish citizens favour the European project in comparison to an EU average of 62%, the highest recorded figure in 25 years. These approval ratings are in stark contrast to an ambivalence towards voting in EU elections with 40% of Irish respondents saying that they are ‘not interested’ in voting.

James Temple-Smithson, Head of the European Parliament’s liaison Office in Ireland, said: Over the next five years, Irish MEPs will have an important role to play in shaping the Brexit process, making key decisions on EU funding and scrutinising EU laws in a range of areas like environmental protection and the economy. Ireland will have two extra MEPs after 2019 and we want to encourage people to get engaged in the process.

“Our turnout for European Elections is above the EU average overall but unfortunately among under-25s it is well below average, so we need to pay particular attention to communicating with younger voters. Our surveys show that young people in Ireland are overwhelmingly enthusiastic Europeans and we have seen that where young people are
engaged and do turn out they can have a big impact.

Well over a thousand people have signed up to This Time I’m Voting in Ireland The opening events in Dublin and Cork attracted enthusiastic volunteers, ready and willing to help promote active citizenship, with several further events planned across the country. The next event is being held, in Galway, on Monday November 26.

The European Parliament kicked off the process in June by asking Europeans not only to vote, but also to spread the word and to mobilise their families, friends, neighbours and communities to do so too.

Using social media channels and organising events is one of several ways ‘This Time I’m Voting’ participants promote their campaign for European democracy. They bring people together, discuss issues that matter to them and look to the future of Europe, in the knowledge that it will be shaped by the outcome of the European elections. Those who cannot attend events but would like to get involved can join the Facebook group, where ideas are
exchanged and events are organised. is a non-partisan community, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of not only voting but of active citizenship.

What does Europe do for you?

The Eurobarometer shows that Irish citizens are aware of the benefits of EU membership for Ireland as a whole. However, the European Parliament has launched a new website, wishing to highlight how counties across Ireland have benefitted directly from membership. This initiative aims to cement the link between each and every region of Europe and the EU institutions. The website provides examples of how the EU has helped localities on a county-
by-county basis.

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