Statement by Seamus Healy TD on housing and homelessness crisis

If Government does not meet our Housing Demands, National Strikes will be Necessary- Seamus Healy TD in Dáil
There is a huge housing and homelessness crisis that is devastating families and damaging children. Thousands of Children may never fully recover from the personal damage suffered.THIS Must STOP AND IT MUST STOP NOW!! The problems facing students studying for the leaving Certificate in Hotels and very overcrowded dwellings are but one example.
The 10,000 protestors at the Raise the Roof demonstration outside the Dáil on Wednesday were an indication of the depth of that crisis.
The protest was the start of a national campaign, including work stoppages, demanding the building of social and affordable houses on public lands, a freeze on rents and an end to evictions into homelessness
I have tabled a number of Dáil amendments and Motions  seeking these changes over the past three year. I now believe that only determined mass popular actions will force Government to take the emergency measures required
Seamus Healy TD   087-2802199
Full Dáil Record of Seamus Healy’s Speech in Support of Housing Motion

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